Monday, August 10, 2015

Bo: Ten Months, Cannot be contained

How Big?: Bo has definitely been growing this month. I can't do a mommy-unofficial weigh in because our house is in the middle of a remodel, so there's no telling where the scale is. Sorry Bo! 
Clothing Size?: He is moving on into a lot of the 2T clothes we have around here - Mostly shirts because 18 month pants are still big on him. He is a little more true to size than I remember Moose being. Although, I have learned pajama sizes mean NOTHING. Pjs, I think, are sized smaller than clothes just so you will buy them (because who tries on pajamas) and be done with them sooner. We are already rocking the crabby 3T jammers. He is in a diaper size 4, and I don't see us moving up without a huge growth spurt soon. 
What/When is he eating?: Bo is always eating it seems. He still cannot get enough watermelon, but I'm pretty sure he would eat just about anything you put in front of him (food or not). He really likes to have whatever we are having because he wants to be like everyone else. I realized I was trying to make things easy and just giving him a lot of foods he could pick up, but he was waking up hungry two and three times a night. I have since started giving him baby food and oatmeal in addition to everything I was giving him before. He is much more content after a meal! Kid loves to eat. I can proudly say we are still rocking with momma's milk! WOOHOO, though we are now using 100% frozen milk. (I think we will have enough to make it to 11 months, and we will see if there's any left after that. 
Sleep?Bo still wakes up about once a night, now. He will sleep through two or three, then wake up two or three. There doesn't seem to be any routine to it that I can figure out. He has already decided to drop to one nap a day, unless we can trick him into sleeping an extra little bit in the car. 
Movement?:Dude loves loves loves to go! He can stand up on his own. It's still hit or miss, but he can do it! He has even managed one step, but we aren't counting it as walking, yet! He is a seriously crazy man. He climbs up anything and everything. 
Milestones?: He can make the "uh-oh" sounds, and he will babble mamamamama sometimes when I come into the room. He is definitely starting to make those connections. Swimming in our pool! Bo's first zoo trip (with daddy and Moose) and first aquarium trip (also with fun daddy and Moose). He has FOUR teeth... and is teething like a true crank-stick deluxe. Bo had his first bleeding head wound, whomp whomp. (It really looked much worse than it actually ever was.) Bo and Moose had their first ever wrestling match. 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: Construction ZONE... The house has been in a state of repair of the whole month. We had the mold fixed and put in a window. We are updating our master bathroom, retiled the entry way, painted the hall, dining room, and living room, and are having carpet installed in the whole house! There's still a lot to do, but it is so hard to live like this. The kids hate it because they are restricted. I hate it because the house is never clean. 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: It's been an incredible summer. We have had so much fun: swimming, going to Burger's Lake, playing at the park, running in the stroller, family walks, eating popsicles, dancing and singing at the top of our lungs, and so many other fun family things. I don't know how we are going to go back to work without these little sweeties everyday. 
Looking Forward to:  I am looking forward to having the house at a point of pause! It's never finished, but at least finishing the projects we have started will be awesome.