Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Moose: 9 stitches on a Tuesday

When: September 6th, 2016 
Where: Mother's Day Out
How: A wooden toy kitchen and one very klutzy little boy 

First stitches for poor Mooser! He had 8 on the outside and 9 inside. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bo: Two Years Old... Time Keeps on Slipping

Can you feel it? The cool breeze in your hair as the wind carries you into the future... That's right. I've got a tune in my head, and I want to "Fly like an eagle..." Seriously, I cannot believe time has passed me by like it has. It was 6 months ago already that Moose turned 3. Since that time we have ended a school year, had a crazy full summer and started back to school. Little things missed in the blink of an eye because time became elusive.

Bo Riley is a precious gift and also a hand full. Gone are the days of a quiet house and instead there is boisterous fun to be had all the time. We go, and we go. We play, and we play. I look down and a sea of animal shaped Legos are covering my toes. I see housework in literal piles of laundry, and I think I should blog about this before I forget. But we are having too much fun to stop and so I don't and now here I am six months worth of things to spew.

Let's keep our focus here: Bo Riley. This is supposed to be his birthday post, so down to business. 

Bo is two.
Bo is officially weighing in at 26 pounds and 33". He is not yet potty trained, though he does use it about half the time. I figure we will make a real go of it at Christmas break.

Bo loves food, except for when he doesn't. He's the kind of boy that will eat 6 apple sauce squeeze packets without so much as batting an eye (though quite a holler for more), or he will eat nothing a be just as content. He still loves his watermelon and guacamole, but not together (though I won't lie and say that hasn't happened before because it most definitely has). 

Bo loves the letter B, but doesn't have his numbers or colors down yet.

He is a sweet snuggler, but mostly after he's punched you. He gives that sweet grin and asks, " momma, are you ok?" And his little face is so pure. This kid- ham, like straight up ham.

Bo loves some truly crazy things. He adores trash cans and trash trucks. Some Saturday mornings (trash day) he makes his daddy put him in the truck to follow the garbage trucks down the street. He joyfully makes you put the trash cans back in their spots after the truck has gone, but he insists on helping tug the can along. He enjoys watching garbage trucks even on YouTube... It's a strange little quirk, but we embrace it and laugh remembering he will likely one day outgrow this, too.

Bo loves his big brother. Most days he wants to be just like bubba. He wants to pray for what Moose prays for. He wants to wrestle with him, read with him, color with him, and do all the things with him. It is one of my prayers that these boys would be very best friends all the days of their lives. Brothers have a special bond, and I sincerely hope that all the fighting and chaos of youth doesn't dull that for my two dudes.

Bo is quite the talker... Though you might require a translator occasionally. He is really beginning to blossom with his communication. He tells you when he needs a diaper (what he calls a biped) and when he's hungry. He can tell you what he wants for the most part. And if you don't know what he wants, chance.s are Moose does and he will tell you for Bo. Teamwork at its finest. 

Bo still takes naps, and he started Tuesday's at Mother's Day Out this fall. He won't take naps for them, though. And truth be told it is getting harder and harder to get him down. Most nights we start bedtime bathtime at around 7:30 so that they are down between 8-8:30.
I cannot believe how much this kid has grown!!!