Monday, February 6, 2017

Journal: Fierce File First Month Pictures

In my last post (Our Life: A New Year 2017 - Goals), I talked about my goals for this year. The thing that has been keeping me on track and focused on those goals has been my journal.

I have Pinterested and Pinterested... "Smash Books," "Wreck this Journal"s, and "Bullet Journals" and from that I have made my own journal. It's most closely feels like a bullet journal except that I'm not using it for the key tenants of bullet journaling.

Some of these layouts have been inspired from others on Pinterest. I will try to note which ones (if I miss one please don't presume I am taking credit... lol!).

This favorite TV Shows comes from THIS PIN 

 The Heart page is sort of like THIS PIN
And the February Goals was inspired by THIS PIN