Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our Life: A New Year 2017 - Goals

The first month of this new year is quickly approaching its close. 2017 is fully underway, and most thoughtless resolutions have been discarded already or are nearing their end. This year, as I have in the past several years, I prayed and picked a word of the year. As many of my people know, my word this year is FEIRCE. This year I am vowing to live fiercely, love fiercely, run fiercely... just to be a stronger woman than I have ever been before.

This year will be filled with new and unique challenges, some of which have already begun. I have started my first class for my Masters degree! Being more fierce means I will study hard but complain little. It means I will be proud of my accomplishments without boasting. Being fierce means I resolve to be a fierce competitor but also a fierce companion. I will help my classmates and will accept help graciously.

Instead of resolutions, I opted for monthly "goals/challenges." January has been a month without added sugar. No dessert. No soda. No added sugar food items. Natural sugars like fruit area different story. I, so far, have been true to my challenge, and I am beginning to see and feel the results.  My skin took a crash during the detox phase, but now it is clearing up.  I do admit that I'm going to have to break my sugar fast this week which leads me to my February goal.

February 19: I'm running my first marathon. This is a goal I've been trying to check off since before my wedding. Life has been allowed to get in the way and take this victory from me too many times. This time I will conquer. I ran long distance sugar free two weeks ago and struggled with eating real foods. My next and last long run before race day is Friday. I have decided to make the one event sacrifice for fuel and Gatorade on this run. It's not cupcakes or candy, and I think it's an important exception.... I'm giving myself that grace. Maybe I'll even add February 1st on in lieu. Be fiercely accountable, eve to yourself.

My March goal is about a return to my spiritual focus. In the hubbub of work, school, exercise, diet, family, and so on sometimes keeping the focus where it belongs gets lost. I'm challenging myself to listen to 10 extra sermons outside of the Sunday morning routine. That's going to mean 2-3 a week this month. It's my prayer that my eyes will be opened to reveal big signs and directions for my next steps. I'm going to pour in the prayer, and then I will make myself available to hear God's reply with my April challenge.

In the month of April, I am going to watch no tv. I'm going to give up my shows, my Netflix, my Hulu, all of it for April. I hope to get a few books read and really listen to the world around me in this month. This is additionally great because it is in April that I plan to add four more goals and challenges to my year. I don't know what I will feel called to do or focus on, but I hope that as that time approaches I will be able to see clearly the answers.

I can't wait to continue this journey and experience 2017.