Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bo & Moose: 18 months, 35 months, and where did the babies go?

This year has been such a cool one for me. I feel like I am becoming a stronger me in ways that I didn't know I needed to be. God gave me the word "JOY" this year, and I feel like I am constantly seeking joy in things that I didn't always find so joyful. It's been powerful - transformative really. In January, I ran each day of the month and got 87 miles total. That success propelled me to stick with my fitness routine, and my alarm is now permanently set for 5:10AM. I have a weekly workout schedule that has really helped me stay consistent.

In February, I decided to cut something instead of add, so I gave up all obvious sugar. No desserts, no soda, no pop tarts, no candy - none. Cold. Turkey. OH MY GOSH. It was seriously such a WAKE-UP CALL to me. I had no no no idea how much sugar I was consuming on a typical day was awful. I had cravings, headaches, mood-swings. Sugar is a drug, and I was beyond addicted to it. As Lent approached, I realized this was the perfect thing to keep up through Easter because it was a real genuine sacrifice in my life. It was something I had to be conscious of and constantly pray for self-control. As the challenge stretched on, the cravings lessened, and I began to pay significantly more attention to the food choices I was making. I have eaten more vegetables in the last month than I probably did all of last year. I am buying more natural foods and making overall better choices. I didn't even realize that this was something I needed, but now that I am there it is LIFE-ALTERING. Now, come Easter weekend you will see this girl eating DONUTS (because the craving for those guys has never left me) and dessert, but I can't see adding sugary-processed food back to my everyday diet.

Sam and I have become Leaders for our church Life Group, and it has been truly an incredible experience. We are getting to know some awesome people, and I feel like I am closer to God through this community we are building. There are times that I look at other people's friendships and find myself jealous of the apparent ease that they have with each other, but right now I know God is leading me somewhere. I just can't say where yet. Don't get me wrong I have good friends. I do. I really do, but watching the girls at church makes me feel like I wish my best friend could move next door and come to church with us! Friendship through Christ is such a different thing. Life Group has been fantastic in so many other ways, too. Sam is so good at leading. He just excels. He has a real gift and when he gets passionate, it is like a thing unto itself. It's just the coolest.

In April, the plan is to give up fast food and fried foods totally! I am loving these monthly goals and the way they are slowly chipping us into these stronger, better, warriors for God. Man, it's good! Okay now onto some updates on the darling baby boys who really aren't babies anymore. They are full on TODDLERS! I can't even really do either of their ages in months anymore. Ahhhh, time, time where do you go?

Bo How Big?: My baby boy is almost 30 pounds big! He isn't as big as Moose was at this age percentile wise, but he holds his own typically in the 70th percentile range.
Bo Clothing xSize?: We are rocking 3T Pjs for Bo-man, and 2T/3T shirts and pants. He is in a size 5 diaper for daytime and night-nights.
Bo What/When is he eating?: Of my two children Bo is the eater. He eats fruit, though his obsession with watermelon seems to have disappeared. He loves cheese and will try to eat just about anything. Right now, we are in a guacamole loving phase.
Bo Sleep?: Bo is a pretty decent sleeper. He "hem-haws" in the night sometimes, but he puts himself back to sleep most nights. He also still takes a two hour nap around noon at this point. We still require a bottle and a blankie for this.
Bo Milestones?:Bo got his very first haircut over spring break. He is running and almost jumping now!!!
Bo Movement?:This kid can crawl up things that you think there should be no way he can do. He is a wild child.

Moose: nearly 3
Moose How Big?: Moose keeps growing and growing and growing! He is over 36 pounds and sprouting up like a weed.
Moose Clothing Size?:All size 6 diapers (still haven't potty trained him) and 3T-4T clothes... with 5T or 6 Pjs.
Moose What/When is he eating?: Somedays I think Moose hates food. He is finicky about food so often that somedays he just doesn't want to eat. When I worry about it, the doctor just says he will eat when he's hungry. He still drinks milk. He does LOVE spaghetti!!! :)
Moose Milestones?:Moose is learning his letters and knows almost all of them by sight. He can tell you that Apple starts with A, and he can count to 20. He is so smart, and he loves books!

Family: March 2016 Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: Moose is in the "irrational man" phase of his life, and sometimes communicating with him is like talking to someone who speaks a foreign language. It is such a challenge when you can't settle either of the boys. In that moment it's like the whole world is a blur.
>Best Moment(s) of the Month: Spring Break was exactly what the Riley crew needed. We had fun and were able to be productive, too.
Looking Forward to:I am looking forward to this next season. Summer is approaching, and I can smell it. Moose will turn 3 at the end of April. We have a beach trip planned, and I have some bachelorette weekends coming up. This year is going strong, and I am loving every second of it!