Friday, May 24, 2013

Moose: 3 & 4 Weeks of Baby Moose

How Big?: Growing Boy! Our 1 month appointment is next week, so we will know how big he is soon. :)
Clothing Size?: 0-3 months & officially in a size 1 diaper. 
What/When is he eating?: Momma's Milk... and LOTS of it.  He is starting to develop a bit more of a routine. It can change day to day, but we are starting to get in a little more of a pattern. Eating more every 2-3 hours, instead of every 1 lol!  Momma is learning to pump, so that she can leave the house a little bit. 
Sleep?: Knock on wood... he is doing pretty well! He is going to bed between 10 and 11, then he wakes up around 3 or 4 in the mornings.  He typically will go right back to sleep at that point, and then wake up again between 6 and 7. 
Movement?: Wiggle Wiggle Worm! He loves to be in a Superhero pose! He is trying to lift his head and will headbutt you.  He can roll over on his side. 
Milestones?: So many firsts! First bottle! First time going to the park. First time at a restaurant. First time pooping ALL over the inside of his carseat.  (Those things are crazy hard to take apart and put back together... also there is no way to take a poopy carseat apart and not get it all over you. Welcome to the Mommy Club.) Loads of things!
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: This is one of those I am now a mother and all discretion has flown out the window sort of truths... so forgive me if it's too much info.  Breastfeeding has been mostly good for me and the Moose, but we had a really challenging time this last week.  Moose has a shallow latch that I really struggle to correct. It's crazy hard to fix it and feed him and keep him happy.  Somewhere in the middle of this shallow latch I got a milk blister or bleb.  OUCHIE. I spend a few feeding sessions crying and in pain. That's when I decided to starting pumping.  We are still navigating some hard times, but I hope that I can push through. Reality check: Breastfeeding is hard.
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Since Sam had a three day weekend, we got to lounge around a lot as a family!  It was wonderful to get to just rest up and hang out.  Sam and I left the baby for the first time (only for about a half hour).  We took our dogs for a walk at the park, and my mom hung out with the Moose for a minute.

Here are a few fun pictures from last two weeks.


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tummy Time!

First Bottle & First Time for Daddy to Feed him!

My Absolute Favorite Picture.. Sam had no idea that they were sitting identically.

Lots of Love! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Life: An Adventure a Day... Keeps the Bats at Play

Being a new mom is a crazy learning experience all in its own, but this week has been a total adventure for me!

The first week home Sam took off to help me with the baby, and I think I had underestimated how much help I had really needed. After a few days of the two of us both working like crazy sleepless zombies, I decided to beg my mom to help me for week two. (She wasn't hard to convince, since she wants to be with the baby and I every possible moment anyways, lol!) I was soooo grateful for all the extra hands. I was able to take a shower and eat food - apparently these are luxuries I shouldn't have taken for granted.

On Monday of this week, I spent my first day home alone with my darling baby. It was crazy... He screamed at me alllll morning long. I couldn't figure out what he needed. I cried. He cried. We cried together. I never got mad, but I felt so incredibly helpless.

Finally, after a hectic crying morning he fell asleep, and I was able to take him to have his second blood test thing. He was an angel for it! I struggled like a first time mom trying to get the car seat into the back of my Mustang.. Not the most kid friendly car, but it's paid for. But all in all, we had a successful trip!

Sam got home from work, and I thought my Monday adventures were over. I was wrong. He went to get some Picante sauce out of the fridge. Sam really likes to make this crock pot hot sauce chicken, so we had a brand new jug of it... Splat. The whole plastic container fell out of the fridge and shattered. Picante sauce went all over the fridge and kitchen!

Sam, being the quick witted man he is, asked me to grab the crock pot to catch what was still pouring out of the cracked container. I raced over and held the crock pot under the bottle while Sam tried to open the crack a little more to pour it all in. Crack. The broken plastic snapped and the remaining sauce exploded... In my face. So yes I did get to shower, while Sam held the baby, but only because I got hot sauce in my hair!

And that was Monday's adventure...

Tuesday's adventure was much more exciting and terrifying.  To fully appreciate this story I have to explain a brief thing that happened to my mom last week.  She has a dog named Lucky (because he is quite Lucky to be alive after eating, YES eating the sofa... not like one of those lame-o oh all the stuffing is out eating the sofa, but as in HOLY CRAP THAT'S WHAT THE INSIDE OF A COUCH LOOKS LIKE).  Anywho, Lucky likes to try to eat all flying insects.

So last week, Lucky sees something flying and tries to jump up to catch it.  Turns out it wasn't a bug; it was a mockingbird.  Mockingbirds are not nice birdies.  The momma mockingbird - thinking that Lucky is after her babies - starts diving at him. It flies in the house after Lucky and flutters right next to my moms face.  My mom ran out the front door with Lucky.  All in all, she had to get the neighbor to come make sure the bird was gone.

So when my mom tells me this story... I laughed. This was the wrong choice.  Now, for my Tuesday adventure... I decided to try to get something sweet done around the house for my husband, since he has been so kind to me with everything lately.  While in his closet, I heard a strange noise.  I didn't think too much about it because we have dogs.  Baby Moose got fussy, so I went to change his diaper in his room and walked across the front of the house.  In the window, I see a flutter! A friggin' bird has flown in my house!!!!

I head back into our bedroom with the baby and one of the dogs and pull the door shut, so the bird cannot get in.  I grab my phone to call my mom because I know she's just going to get the biggest kick out of it! I call her, and she wants to know what kind of bird it is.  I know nothing about birds, but I decide to just text a picture of it while I'm talking to her... Here's the picture I snapped...

Oh yeah... That NOT a bird!! There was a BAT in my house.

I texted Sam and called Animal Control.  I didn't know what to do! I had the backdoor wide open, but as you can see the dang thing was right above my front door, so I was not heading down the stairs.  I told Animal Control just to come in the back door.  Sam also called his best friend, Scott, who was thankfully off work.  While they were on their way to the house, Dodger (our basset hound-dalmation mix), decided to come upstairs... This freaked the bat out, and he started fluttering.  I grabbed Dodger and got him in our room, but I had no clue where the bat went. SCARY!

Animal Control and Scott both arrived at the house and the search was on.  There was no sign of the bat anywhere.  I was locked in our room with the dogs and a now-screaming hungry baby.  They searched but the bat was MIA.  Animal Control left believing that the bat had flown out the wide open backdoor.  (I was still unconvinced and terrified.)  Scott knew I was upset.  I think a blind, deaf man would have known I was still upset. Scott stayed to keep looking, and he finally said that he didn't think he could find it either.  So I let the dogs out of our room because they were very unhappy to be locked up.  But the moment Dodger was free, he headed straight to Moose's room.  He was acting like he always does when he finds a cat.  He stood behind the glider and stared behind the dresser.  Dodger smells like a hound and points like a dalmation. 

Scott sent the baby and I back to the bedroom.  Lo and behold, Dodger found the freaking bat.  Scott moved the dresser and the bat started flying all over.  Dodger tried to get it, which only messed up Scott's hold on the thing, but after a few minutes I got the all clear! Scott released the bat back into the wild and closed our chimney (which is where I am thinking the thing came from).  I never thought I would have to say this, but I was soooo excited to be BAT-FREE!

Sheesh, the adventures of my life.... I thought being a new mom would be hard, but I just keep having exciting days.  I am so grateful to be at home with my handsome boy, but I am even more grateful to have had a very quiet day with my baby today. :)

Here's the dog who helped save the day! I love my Dodger dog.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in my life of new mommyhood (though hopefully less terrifying than this)!

Lots of Love,
Momma & Moose 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Postpartum: Top 5 Things I Wish I'd Known about Postpartum Recovery: 18 daysPostpartum

There are dozens of things that no one tells about postpartum recovery.  Or maybe they did tell me, and I just didn't understand the reality of what to expect.  Pregnancy comes with its own set of weird quirks and symptoms, but postpartum is it's own adventure.

Anyone who says the pregnancy hormones are bad has clearly blacked out the postpartum hormones in their brain.  Maybe it is because pregnancy is 9 months long versus a 6 week recovery... who knows.  I can tell you, though, I have been way more erratic in these last 18 days than I was the whole pregnancy.

1. Night Sweats
Before delivery, I had heard that I would lose the water weight I had gained.  I had even heard that I would be sweating much of it out... What I didn't understand was when I would be sweating it out.  I am exclusively breastfeeding which means every 2 or 3 hours I am up to feed my little prince.  I think it was maybe the second night home that I woke up drenched.  Not like, oh I'm a little sweaty, but more like I can wring my hair out because sweat is literally dripping off of me sweaty.  It's absurd.  I have to keep a towel and an extra set of pjs by the bed.  This week I have tried covering myself in baby powder to help keep me somewhat dry.  It work better than nothing, but it definitely doesn't completely stop the sheet soaking sweat.  All I can say is, maybe I'm at least loosing a little bit of weight this way, lol!

2. Increased Bleeding
It is common knowledge that after a baby you will have bleeding.  It's even pretty commonly known that this bleeding is heavy.  What I didn't know was that it could taper off and then two weeks postpartum... it could suddenly increase with a vengeance.  Apparently this is more than normal, it is something that happens to many women.  I am not sure why no one goes over these things with first timers, but it is pretty freaky.  You think things are winding down and that everything is finishing up, and then wowza!

3. Unquenchable Thirst 
I have never been so thirsty in my life.  I think this is primarily because of the breastfeeding (or maybe the sweating), but seriously I could guzzle water all day long.  I still don't feel hydrated.  The big thing that has changed for me is the temperature of the water.  I have always liked room temperature water, but now, I love some ICE cold water. 

4. Waterworks 
You hear all sorts of things about the baby blues or even postpartum depression, but what I didn't expect was that you could have neither one of those things AND still be a teary-crying-mess!  The first week was crazy.  I would stare down at my little man's tiny face and out of no where tears would be streaming down my face.  If you read about our first week home, you've already heard my story of crying when my husband shaved off his goatee.  I have been an emotional freakshow lately.  I guess I just figured with all the pregnancy hormone hype that postpartum wouldn't be too bad, but whatever to that!!! It's total chaos, so just know that ahead of time.

5. Last Minute Stretch Marks 
If you've been reading along with my journey, you know I've had a hard time with the amount of weight I gained.  But you also may remember that up until week 37 or 38, I was belly stretch mark free... Maybe you even hated me a little but have no fear, I am totally human and have a million stretch marks!! I didn't know that you could get stretch marks in the last minute.  I don't know when they actually appeared, but I have them across my thighs, booty, and several on my tummy.  They aren't horribly dark, but they are there.  What the heck!?

Here are my stats from the end of my pregnancy thru my current postpartum journey:
39 Weeks Pregnant:
Total Weight Gain: 55 pounds
Wedding Rings: Off
Belly Button: Flat as a Pancake

Day Arriving Home from Hospital: 
Total Weight Loss: 12 pounds
Wedding Rings: Off
Belly Button: A deep, deep pool

14 days postpartum:
Total Weight Loss: 25 pounds
Wedding Rings: ON
Belly Button: Innie

Everyone keeps telling me, "It took 9 months to put it on.  It will take time to take it off."  But let me tell you, I hate to hear that.  I know that this is a time for recovery, but it is still such a challenge to feel good about yourself.  Especially when you can barely find the time to shower, much less put on make-up or fix your hair.  I still have about 30 pounds that I would like to get rid of, and I guess I technically have another 3.5 weeks to recover... Maybe more weight will just fall off, haha! Maybe I will get to be one of those women people hate, and I will be back in my clothes at the end of 6 weeks.  A girl can still dream.  It's really hard to think you've lost a lot of weight, but still not to fit into your clothes right.  It's all an exhausting mental process.

I have been out walking each afternoon with Sam, the dogs, and the baby, but I am so very ready to get out and do more!  I am itching to exercise, but I know that my body is still recovering.  I guess I have to give it time, BOOOOOOO....  I am trying to focus on resting and bonding with my handsome boy.

I can't believe I am going to share this with the world, but here's where I am at with my recovery. 

Postpartum Day 1, Day 8, Day 18
Thank you all for the love and support as I continue on this difficult journey.  Much Love!  

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moose: 2 Weeks Old

How Big?: 7 lbs 8 oz & 20.75 in (He's already grown so much! See his one week picture in this post.)
Clothing Size?: He fits into the NB stuff... I think that we are quickly on our way to 0-3! 
What/When is he eating?: Breastmilk.  We aren't on a schedule yet, so he is still eating every 2-3 hours.  At night he can occasionally go 4 hours in between feeds.  There are some times when he wants to eat sooner than 2 hours, but I think I'm getting better at making sure he's really done before we stop. 
Sleep?: Good nights, Bad nights... Moose had a really gassy night and didn't sleep much, but thankfully that isn't an every night thing. He is a  bit confused about day and night because we have a playtime pretty consistently at 3:00AM.   
Movement?: He is trying to pick his head up already.  He doesn't have any control of it yet, but he is for sure trying. He loves to move and shake! His feet kick like crazy!!!!  
Milestones?: First time out of the house besides the doctor.  First time changing diaper sizes (we are trying the 1's because big man keeps leaking pee on us. First bath in the the baby bath tub.  He does not like to be naked... so bathes are definitely an adventure.
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: For Daddy, it was going back to work! The night that he had gas that we couldn't help was pretty tough.  For me I think it has been the trying to be active and trying to's confusing!
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Dancing around the house with Moose in my arms while we waited for Sam to come home on Monday was awesome.  I also love that even though we aren't on a schedule, we have started to get into a bit of a routine.

He is such a good baby! I couldn't be more happy with him.  I plan to do a postpartum post on how my own recovery is going sometime this week, so be prepared for an honest look at a very challenging time for me.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Moose: 1 Week Old ... Our First Week

1 Week Old
How Big?: 6 lbs 14 oz & 18.9 in (we will see again at our 2 week doctor's trip)
Clothing Size?: Too small for NB... and Mommy thought that there was no way he would be born and be that tiny.  Sheesh, what do I know?
What/When is he eating?: Mommy's Milk & OFTEN... lol.  Breastfeeding is a commitment.  It's also one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  That being said, it's also the most incredible thing I've ever been able to do.  Moose eats every 2-3 hours, sometimes more.  Because he is a newborn, he has some periods (mostly in the afternoon or at night) where we cluster feed.  During those periods, he eats, poops, plays for about 10-20 minutes, and then, he is ready for more.  Other than those couple of hours, it is pretty nice.  I typically have about an hour and a half or 2 hours to do somethings in between feeds. 
Sleep?: This week we have had two shaky nights (one of which was an all out scream fest), and the rest knock on wood have been pretty decent.  Sam has been off this week, and he is a HUGE support.  He wakes up in the night to change diapers, and I feed.  He gets me fresh ICE cold water (if you know me, you know I drink room temperature water, but with breastfeeding all I want is ICE cold water) each feed too.  Last night was probably our best night yet.  Moose sleeps for about 2 or 3 hours at a time, so we sleep with him through the night.  I'm also trying to sleep during the day during one of his day sleeps. 
Movement?: He loooooves his hands.  This kid will NOT swaddle.  I am pretty sure he is Houdini.  We tried swaddling for the first few days, and then gave up on it.  We just mitten those paws and call it good.  He also can wiggle onto his side pretty well. 
Milestones?: Everything is a Milestone this week.  First day home. First time peeing on mommy. First time pooping in Daddy's hand.  (Yes... that happened!) First time taking a walk around the block.  The first week has been a huge learning cure. 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: This week had some definite high and lows.  Postpartum hormones are no joke! I think the hardest moment this week for me was when my husband wanted to surprise me. Everyone has been saying how much Moose looks like me, but that chin was still a mystery.  Sam hasn't shaved his goatee off in over 10 years.  So from upstairs I hear, "Oh Autumn, You're going to hate me!"  I turn to see my husband has shaved his face and head completely.  My reaction: Bad. Bad. Bad. I started bawling hysterically.  I asked him how he could do that to me before our once in a lifetime newborn photo session.  I don't think that I will ever live down that moment. My bad hunnie.... You just freaked me out. [Side note: Moose for sure has Sam's chin.]

The top 2 pictures are me as a baby and the bottom 2 are Moose.

Best Moment(s) of the Week: We have already made so many memories.  It seems like he has always been here.  I cannot imagine life without him.  I really enjoyed taking a walk today with Sam, the baby, and the dogs!

Couldn't not get a Moose Chalkboard picture! :) [Side note: No my son's legal name is not Moose... yes it is the only thing we call him.  What will they call him in kindergarten? I'm not sure. I have an idea of it, but I probably won't ever put it on the blog. Think double name... which I love those anyways.  He is Moose.  I've heard weirder names, lol! It just happened, and I couldn't imagine him as anything else.]

Dodger just LOVES the baby.  We are so blessed that he does. 

First Days at the Hospital 
After the baby arrived, the chaos in Labor and Delivery quieted down.  We were finishing up just about time for shift change, so we had a new nurse to help us get upstairs.  You have to stay in recovery for about an hour or so while they check your bleeding.  You also have to pee to be able to go upstairs.  That was a real challenge.  My right legs was still numb, so I had to try the bedpan... No go.  At that point in life pain was so relative that I willingly took a catheter so we could get moved.  

We kept thinking they would get us up to a room, but there were several people in front of us to move.  We finally made the decision to let my parents and grandparents come meet the baby in our Labor and Delivery room.  

After a few minutes of visiting, everyone left to go home and let us try to get some sleep.  Our timing was really nice because we went upstairs in time to get a night to ourselves as a family before seeing visitors on Saturday.  Very first diaper change... Moose peed on Daddy! No forgetting the tee-tee tent for him, lol.

There are lots of things that NO ONE tells you. Maybe it's because they forget.  I could see that it would be easy to forget with the sleepless nights and all the new.  Most people don't blog all about everything I guess.  

I had a hard labor at the very end, so I was swollen.  No one really tells you that.  I mean swolllllllen.  I didn't know that part of my body could be swollen.  There are also a million things you need to do each time you go to the bathroom.  Ulg. It's a war scene.  I needed nurses to help me the first three times I had to pee.  I was on pain killers, and life was a little bit fuzzy for me.  I was in pain.  I just sort of figured that labor would hurt, and you'd be sore.  I didn't really wrap my brain around actually hurting.  Some people don't have that.  I did... Oh well. It goes away, but I just wish I had been a little more prepared for that part of it.  All of that being said.  I would do it again and again for this little guy.

We never sent the baby to the nursery, so he stayed with us.  We practiced our feeding, and we were doing pretty well.  Moose just wouldn't stay latched.  The lactation consultant suggested nipple shields.  We have been using them since with no issues.  I had Sam Google to make sure it wouldn't be a problem to use them.  The worst I can find is that they are a pain.  We may try to wean a little bit, but not quite yet.  

On day 2 my milk came in. WEIRDEST feeling ever... lol.  It felt all tingly and then full.  It was really fast!  Everything about the weekend seemed fast, though, so par for the course.  I cannot believe that it has already been a whole week since he was born, and we were living all these things first hand.

Coming Home
There are lots of things that people don't tell you about coming home... I thought for sure that I would want this quite surreal moment where we came in our house just Sam, the baby, and I.  I thought it would be quiet and easy. WRONG.

I was sooooo grateful that my parents were still accidentally here.  When you walk in the door there are a million things you have to do.  You have all your crap from the hospital, so it has to come in the house.  In our case the baby was hungry, and I had to pee.  Neither of these things seem epic, but really in that moment they are huge.  I needed the bobby, a burp clothe, my nipple shield, and somewhere to feed.  (Sitting down is its own adventure those first couple of days, so that last part is easier said than done.)  Then, the baby had to have his diaper changed.  We didn't have out newborn diapers... where the diapers were was silly.  The wipes weren't open.  OMG you need forty hands all at once.  We had no trash can in the nursery.  

My advice: Have TV trays ready to put things close to you & Have people at home ready to help you.  My mom had to go get my pain prescription.  We had to put a little table in the bathroom next to the toilet.  When you get home you have potty swag, lol.  Seriously, using the bathroom is craziness.  You need somewhere to put the pads, your fresh underwear, your peri bottle, witch hazel pads, dermaplast, and in my case this weird healing foam stuff. My husband was running around like crazy, starting laundry, rearranging things for I'd say about 3 hours.  Just expect some chaos in those first few hours.  

Our First Doctor's Visit
We got home on Sunday and had our first doctor's visit on Monday.  Doctor says our boy is good!  The doctor was very complimentary of our feeding skills because Moose was only down 2 ounces. We go back again on Friday for our two week check-up. 

  Whew... Thanks for sticking with me through some long posts.  I just feel like I have so much to say! And so much to try to remember!!!

Lots of Love,
The Rileys

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moose: April 26th: Birthing the Moose

Here is the story of my little Moose’s arrival into the world on April 26th, 2013:

Throughout the pregnancy I had been doing math over and over to see when Moose could be born so that I wouldn’t have to go back to school for the last part of the school year.  I teach English not math, so it was pretty much a daily game I would play with myself.  If I leave this day or this day – We can afford this much – I can teach through this lesson.  On and on in my head… I ultimately had decided that if I could teach through Friday, April 26th, I didn’t have to come back to teach.

My 38th week of pregnancy had started, and I was increasingly uncomfortable.  I made myself a hair appointment for Wednesday because I didn’t want to have giant roots for months after the baby was born.  Wednesday, I woke up and just was done.  I can’t really explain it, but I was just ready for Moose to be here.  I was over being pregnant.  I felt a little bit funky during the day, but nothing I could really put a finger on.  I went and got my hair done, and we joked that she better fix it cute in case the baby came.  (We were only a day off – haha!)

This is one of my last days of being pregnant with my sweet boy.

Wednesday: Wednesday evening when I got home, I had some odd things going on.  I was cramping and loosing part of my plug.  I really thought something was going on, and I was really glad that I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday so that I could get things checked out.  I continued to have some bleeding, and I thought ok it’s really going to be it this time.  Thursday all day I cramped and felt generally not super.  I told my students I wasn’t feeling well, and even joked with many of them that I wouldn’t see them Friday.  (Mother’s intuition starts early I suppose.) 

Thursday, 4:00 PM: Thursday afternoon, I went to the doctor’s but was still only at a 1.  I was so disappointed because I had been cramping and cramping and really thought I should have made some progress.  Doc even put me on the monitors for about an hour, but nothing…. I was very unhappy with myself and cried telling Sam, I had really thought this was it.  I reasoned myself to make it another week. 

Friday, 3:00 AM: I went to bed still feeling cruddy in general, but about 3 in the morning I started having even more intense cramping.   I tried to sleep through it, but I just kept waking up.  I started tiptoeing out of our bedroom each time and using the bathroom.  Lots of using the bathroom alllll night…. Around 4:30 I decided to time the pains.  They were about 25-15 minutes apart, but not super regular yet.  I did not believe that I was in labor or that they were contractions because I had been to the doctor only 12 hours before and didn’t show any signs.  

Friday, 6:15 AM: When our alarm went off to go to work, I woke Sam up right away – normally we snooze a bit.  I told him what was going on, and I think he knew at that point.  Having been to the birth class, he knew that early labor could last for hours and hours, so he was going to let me figure it out on my own.  He suggested getting up and taking our dogs for a walk because we could be a few minutes late to school everyone would understand, he said.  As we walked my contractions were closer together, now pretty consistently 15 or so apart.  I (STILL IN DENIAL) wanted to go to school because I figured the pains would settle down or that we would be able to make it through the day.  I was so very wrong!! 

8:00 AM: We made the twenty minute ride to school and the bumpy car ride made the contractions 12-10 minutes apart.  Sam was now thinking we would go in and get things settled and get subs for the day.  I agreed since I was now really starting to hurt.  When we got to school, Sam ran up and down our hallway and peeked his head in each teacher’s room saying, “It’s Go time!” Before I knew it I had about four teachers watching me.  As I sat there and continued to time the contractions, they suddenly went from 10 minutes to 7 minutes apart.  With the hospital about 45 minutes away, one of the teachers ran back to get Sam… she said you have to go now!!!! 

9:00 AM: Things were moving pretty quickly, and at this point I was admittedly in labor.  I just thought it would take forever, so I wasn’t ready to rush off to the hospital because I just assumed they would send us home.  When we got in the car, I was grateful we already had everything packed and ready to go in the truck.  Sam made the decision that even if they were going to send us home, we were still going straight to the hospital.  

9:40 AM: When we arrived, we checked in at triage.  The nurses there didn’t seem overly convince I was in labor since I walked in on my own.   Even after I doubled over with a contraction before I could change into a hospital gown.  They got me on the monitor, and we were indeed having contractions every 7 minutes apart.  When the doctor came to check me, he said I was at a 3.  My blood pressure was elevated, and I was spilling protein into my urine.  The doctor said that even if I wasn’t in true labor, they would induce because it was time, but that he ultimately thought I was in labor.  

They were admitting us. I cried to Sam… “Today is the day we are having a baby.” It was surreal, and it felt like the world was on hyper-speed! 

10:00 AM: We moved from triage to our Labor and Delivery room, and Sam was on the phone letting everyone know it was the real deal.  Contractions were increasing in time and intensity.  We had a little misunderstanding coming from triage to the L&D, and they thought I was asking for an epidural, which I wasn’t yet.  My doctor came by to see us (I knew since I had only seen her the day before that she was leaving to go to a last minute meeting out of town),  even though she couldn’t stay.  My doctor helped take care of the confusion with the epidural, and it called me down.  She also asked if she could break my water before she had to leave, so my doctor in her cute pink silk top broke my water before she left.  It’s a crazy feeling when they break your water, and it feels like you are peeing yourself in huge gushes.   

10:51 AM: Contractions were intense after my water was broken, and I even though I felt like an amazon warrior woman I asked for the epidural because watching my poor husband’s face every time I screamed through the pain was too much for me.  The anesthesiologist came quickly, and I was terrified of the epidural! (I was probably more afraid of it than anything.)  They checked my before the epidural, and I was at a 6 almost 7.  What, what! I felt so strong, when they told me that.  J I did really well with the epidural after all! The worst part was the numbing medicine – that crap burns like nobody’s business. 

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM: The epidural worked like a champ and labor suddenly became easy.  It is a little ridiculous how easy, which is probably right where I jinxed myself.  Sam and I just hung out.  He texted, and I wriggled a little with each contraction but didn’t really hurt anymore.  

1:50 PM: Time to push.  Fully dilated.  Sound the alarms it’s baby time… My nurse told me that we would probably have a baby in the next hour.  Sam was on the horn.  And then things got a little crazy.
Pushing was awesome for a while.  I felt like I was contributing again, but Moose was facing the wrong way.  So we kept pushing. About an hour into pushing, I could feel a little hole in my epidural. It’s a weird thing to explain, but I could feel this one spot of really intense pain. One of my legs wasn’t so numb anymore, and the doctor wanted to try me pushing on all fours to see if the baby would change positions.  We pushed like that for a while, but he didn’t turn.  We went back to on my back… and my epidural was just fading away.  I had one leg that felt like a ton of bricks, and everything else was coming out from under the numb sensation.  Things were getting increasingly intense and painful.  I started to feel sweaty and nauseous.  I felt like I could feel everything – because I could.  I started getting really sick, and my poor husband was fanning me, holding a throw up bag, and holding my leg up.  We were now at almost three hours of pushing.  Things were starting to look less than good… my blood pressure was up.  Moose was starting to have some D cells.  

5:00 PM: The doctor said it was time to discuss some other options.  She said that we could try vacuuming him out, and that if he didn’t come it was time to start considering a C-Section.  I was upset, but in such pain that I just wanted him to be here.  We decided to go ahead with the vacuum.
As soon as we said yes, everything in the room changed.  It went from dim lighting with just Sam, the doctor, and one nurse to every light on (there are a lot of lights in the room) and nurses flooding in the room.  It suddenly became very real that I had to do this and had to do it now!!!! 

Sam looked at me and said, “Baby, you have to push him out.”  

The doctor used the vacuum and because the baby has so much hair it popped off the first time.  I pushed through another set of 3.  She reattached, and we pushed again.  Baby Moose turned the right way…. And one more set of pushes.

5:27 PM: Baby Boy was born.  

They whisked him away because he was a vacuum delivery, and immediately went to check him.  The doctor began to work on me.  This is the point at which I confirmed that I had zero epidural save for my right leg.  I could feel the doctor stitching.  I had a second degree tear and a cut, but otherwise we were all ok.  I finally got to hold my little boy, and I just looked at Sam crying. “It’s our son!” 

 Daddy quickly changed into his new shirt.... to announce our little man!!! 

For a while, it was still totally surreal that he was here. … I am so in love with him it’s crazy!

More on my postpartum recovery and the first days at home coming soon. 

Lots of Love,
The Rileys