Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Life: An Adventure a Day... Keeps the Bats at Play

Being a new mom is a crazy learning experience all in its own, but this week has been a total adventure for me!

The first week home Sam took off to help me with the baby, and I think I had underestimated how much help I had really needed. After a few days of the two of us both working like crazy sleepless zombies, I decided to beg my mom to help me for week two. (She wasn't hard to convince, since she wants to be with the baby and I every possible moment anyways, lol!) I was soooo grateful for all the extra hands. I was able to take a shower and eat food - apparently these are luxuries I shouldn't have taken for granted.

On Monday of this week, I spent my first day home alone with my darling baby. It was crazy... He screamed at me alllll morning long. I couldn't figure out what he needed. I cried. He cried. We cried together. I never got mad, but I felt so incredibly helpless.

Finally, after a hectic crying morning he fell asleep, and I was able to take him to have his second blood test thing. He was an angel for it! I struggled like a first time mom trying to get the car seat into the back of my Mustang.. Not the most kid friendly car, but it's paid for. But all in all, we had a successful trip!

Sam got home from work, and I thought my Monday adventures were over. I was wrong. He went to get some Picante sauce out of the fridge. Sam really likes to make this crock pot hot sauce chicken, so we had a brand new jug of it... Splat. The whole plastic container fell out of the fridge and shattered. Picante sauce went all over the fridge and kitchen!

Sam, being the quick witted man he is, asked me to grab the crock pot to catch what was still pouring out of the cracked container. I raced over and held the crock pot under the bottle while Sam tried to open the crack a little more to pour it all in. Crack. The broken plastic snapped and the remaining sauce exploded... In my face. So yes I did get to shower, while Sam held the baby, but only because I got hot sauce in my hair!

And that was Monday's adventure...

Tuesday's adventure was much more exciting and terrifying.  To fully appreciate this story I have to explain a brief thing that happened to my mom last week.  She has a dog named Lucky (because he is quite Lucky to be alive after eating, YES eating the sofa... not like one of those lame-o oh all the stuffing is out eating the sofa, but as in HOLY CRAP THAT'S WHAT THE INSIDE OF A COUCH LOOKS LIKE).  Anywho, Lucky likes to try to eat all flying insects.

So last week, Lucky sees something flying and tries to jump up to catch it.  Turns out it wasn't a bug; it was a mockingbird.  Mockingbirds are not nice birdies.  The momma mockingbird - thinking that Lucky is after her babies - starts diving at him. It flies in the house after Lucky and flutters right next to my moms face.  My mom ran out the front door with Lucky.  All in all, she had to get the neighbor to come make sure the bird was gone.

So when my mom tells me this story... I laughed. This was the wrong choice.  Now, for my Tuesday adventure... I decided to try to get something sweet done around the house for my husband, since he has been so kind to me with everything lately.  While in his closet, I heard a strange noise.  I didn't think too much about it because we have dogs.  Baby Moose got fussy, so I went to change his diaper in his room and walked across the front of the house.  In the window, I see a flutter! A friggin' bird has flown in my house!!!!

I head back into our bedroom with the baby and one of the dogs and pull the door shut, so the bird cannot get in.  I grab my phone to call my mom because I know she's just going to get the biggest kick out of it! I call her, and she wants to know what kind of bird it is.  I know nothing about birds, but I decide to just text a picture of it while I'm talking to her... Here's the picture I snapped...

Oh yeah... That NOT a bird!! There was a BAT in my house.

I texted Sam and called Animal Control.  I didn't know what to do! I had the backdoor wide open, but as you can see the dang thing was right above my front door, so I was not heading down the stairs.  I told Animal Control just to come in the back door.  Sam also called his best friend, Scott, who was thankfully off work.  While they were on their way to the house, Dodger (our basset hound-dalmation mix), decided to come upstairs... This freaked the bat out, and he started fluttering.  I grabbed Dodger and got him in our room, but I had no clue where the bat went. SCARY!

Animal Control and Scott both arrived at the house and the search was on.  There was no sign of the bat anywhere.  I was locked in our room with the dogs and a now-screaming hungry baby.  They searched but the bat was MIA.  Animal Control left believing that the bat had flown out the wide open backdoor.  (I was still unconvinced and terrified.)  Scott knew I was upset.  I think a blind, deaf man would have known I was still upset. Scott stayed to keep looking, and he finally said that he didn't think he could find it either.  So I let the dogs out of our room because they were very unhappy to be locked up.  But the moment Dodger was free, he headed straight to Moose's room.  He was acting like he always does when he finds a cat.  He stood behind the glider and stared behind the dresser.  Dodger smells like a hound and points like a dalmation. 

Scott sent the baby and I back to the bedroom.  Lo and behold, Dodger found the freaking bat.  Scott moved the dresser and the bat started flying all over.  Dodger tried to get it, which only messed up Scott's hold on the thing, but after a few minutes I got the all clear! Scott released the bat back into the wild and closed our chimney (which is where I am thinking the thing came from).  I never thought I would have to say this, but I was soooo excited to be BAT-FREE!

Sheesh, the adventures of my life.... I thought being a new mom would be hard, but I just keep having exciting days.  I am so grateful to be at home with my handsome boy, but I am even more grateful to have had a very quiet day with my baby today. :)

Here's the dog who helped save the day! I love my Dodger dog.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in my life of new mommyhood (though hopefully less terrifying than this)!

Lots of Love,
Momma & Moose 

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