Friday, May 24, 2013

Moose: 3 & 4 Weeks of Baby Moose

How Big?: Growing Boy! Our 1 month appointment is next week, so we will know how big he is soon. :)
Clothing Size?: 0-3 months & officially in a size 1 diaper. 
What/When is he eating?: Momma's Milk... and LOTS of it.  He is starting to develop a bit more of a routine. It can change day to day, but we are starting to get in a little more of a pattern. Eating more every 2-3 hours, instead of every 1 lol!  Momma is learning to pump, so that she can leave the house a little bit. 
Sleep?: Knock on wood... he is doing pretty well! He is going to bed between 10 and 11, then he wakes up around 3 or 4 in the mornings.  He typically will go right back to sleep at that point, and then wake up again between 6 and 7. 
Movement?: Wiggle Wiggle Worm! He loves to be in a Superhero pose! He is trying to lift his head and will headbutt you.  He can roll over on his side. 
Milestones?: So many firsts! First bottle! First time going to the park. First time at a restaurant. First time pooping ALL over the inside of his carseat.  (Those things are crazy hard to take apart and put back together... also there is no way to take a poopy carseat apart and not get it all over you. Welcome to the Mommy Club.) Loads of things!
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: This is one of those I am now a mother and all discretion has flown out the window sort of truths... so forgive me if it's too much info.  Breastfeeding has been mostly good for me and the Moose, but we had a really challenging time this last week.  Moose has a shallow latch that I really struggle to correct. It's crazy hard to fix it and feed him and keep him happy.  Somewhere in the middle of this shallow latch I got a milk blister or bleb.  OUCHIE. I spend a few feeding sessions crying and in pain. That's when I decided to starting pumping.  We are still navigating some hard times, but I hope that I can push through. Reality check: Breastfeeding is hard.
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Since Sam had a three day weekend, we got to lounge around a lot as a family!  It was wonderful to get to just rest up and hang out.  Sam and I left the baby for the first time (only for about a half hour).  We took our dogs for a walk at the park, and my mom hung out with the Moose for a minute.

Here are a few fun pictures from last two weeks.


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tummy Time!

First Bottle & First Time for Daddy to Feed him!

My Absolute Favorite Picture.. Sam had no idea that they were sitting identically.

Lots of Love! 

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