Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moose: 3 Months

12 weeks was last week and this week (our actual 3 month mark) is 13 weeks.  He looks longer to me from 12 to 13 weeks.

How Big?: According to Mommy's measurements, he is 15 pounds and 24 inches long! We will get another official weigh in at his 4 month appointment on the first day of school. 
Clothing Size?: 6 months (but I'm getting all 9 month oneises because he is so long) & size 2 diapers.  We like the Huggies Little Snugglers the best for him.  I think it is mostly because he is a boy and they have the most absorbancy in the front of all the brands we tried.  We prefer Huggies to Pampers because of the lining.  Pampers have mesh stuff that we don't love. 
What/When is he eating?: 3 Month mark - EXCLUSIVELY breastmilk! What what! Huge milestone for us.  I never thought we would make it to here at 5 weeks postpartum.  He eats about 30 ounces a day. Sometimes more. 
Sleep?: He sleeps in his own crib, and he sleeps through the night.  He is getting sleepy earlier and earlier, so bed time has moved up from 10 to about 8:30.  He still wakes up at 4 or 6. 
Movement?: Wiggles, wiggles, wiggles.  Think rockstar meets just come to life teddy bear.  He is able to move all over, but he isn't quite aware of how to control things.  He has found the hands. 
Milestones?: Hello voice! We are getting to hear all kinds of new coo's and whines.  Grabbing things for the first time.  He grabbed his play saw and held on like nobodies business.  (Yes play saw... we are going to have a handy man.) First set of play tools were bought for him ($1 at a garage sale, great buy Grandma)!
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: Sam's knee has been killing him and that plus our stairs has been a recipe for disaster.  Moose is hitting a new growth spurt and has been really fussy.  Yesterday morning, Moose was fighting sleep so bad. Sam was in a lot of pain. I had a million things to do.  Not super fun. Thank goodness my mom and Alan live so close.  They came and got the cranky baby. (Drove him around and put him right to sleep.) Sam got to rest his knee. And I got to get my chores done! We are gearing up for Sam's nose/throat surgery.  Not something we are looking forward to. 
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Watching Moose play in his crib and put himself to sleep on the baby monitor.  It's one of my favorite things.  He has also slept in a good couple of times letting us get some good sleep.  My mom and I had a blast garage sale-ing on Friday. And I ran 6 good miles yesterday morning! All such great things!
Looking Forward to: This is more of a not looking forward to. Sam has his surgery tomorrow. He is getting his nose fixed inside and out and his tonsils removed.  They say it's a tough recovery.  I also start back to work on Thursday, which is tough because Sam will be on his own.  Moose will be with my mom on those two days this week. We are praying for a fast recovery and awesome results.  The doctors say Sam's normal oxygen levels are less than a normal person holding their breath.  I want this to work out and be a good thing for us.  Please send your thoughts to us tomorrow and this week.  We are stalked up on pudding, jello, and mashed potatoes.  :)

Here is a photo dump of the last couple of weeks:

Lots of Love,
The Rileys

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pinterest: Going Glamping

In case you didn't know, I have a somewhat obsessive personality. I get hooked on these ideas, then I research them to death.  One year it was cake balls. I made all sorts. Sometimes it's ideas for teaching or my classroom... but within the last 24 hours my obsession has become glamping.

Glamping is a term for glamorous camping.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm not exactly the roughing it type, but I do love to travel.  Since we just had a baby, money is another obsession of mine.  I have been brainstorming how in the world we will ever be able to take vacations on two teachers salaries.  My late night Pinterest addiction has found me the answer: travel trailer! 

My parents had a camper for the deer lease, and my poor stepdad still lives part time in the camper for his out of town job. But I'm not talking about a camper that you run down to the RV shop and buy... I want to have the most adorable niche camper/travel trailer ever.  Who knows if this wandering idea will ever come to fruition, but I just had to share this amazing find.  This post is going to get a little linky... so enjoy this interwebs tour of refurbishing a vintage travel trailer!  

Or enjoy my ever-growing obsession on my pinterest board: Going Glamping
The Complete Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration Website

Pocket Full of Whimsy: Elsie | Inside!

From the Joy of Caking:
Tips for Buying a Vintage Camper that Needs Renovating, and the Chandelier

Wendy's 1959 Shasta Travel Trailer

Think of all the fun you could have redoing one of these bad boys! Yes loads of work.. Yes probably a little out of my element, but after it's done you can go places!

Our dogs could go with us! We could see the country. We could cross off lots of baseball stadiums (our goal is to see a game in every major league stadium... we haven't made it very far as I am currently at a whopping 2.)

Glamping: Officially going on the 10 year plan! :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Postpartum: 11 Weeks

The postpartum recovery period is one of the fastest changing times I have ever experienced.  The first month to six weeks was really hard on me, but after that things seemed to change at lightening speed.  The moment I was cleared to start exercising... I went for a run! It was a slow one, but I am already making a lot of progress!

In hindsight, I wish I had done things a little bit different.  If I were to do it all again, I would stay in bed and lay low for at least the first two weeks.  I didn't see how momentary that time frame was.  At the beginning of being home after baby, each day felt long and the time period seemed unending.  I felt like I would never heal or be normal... It's only 11 weeks later, and I can tell you the time flies rest in the beginning so everything isn't so hard later!!!

How things are at 11Weeks Postpartum:
1. Night Sweats 
These things have come and gone and come back again with a vengeance. Early on I would wake up a have to change shirts... Then sometime in the middle that stopped. Suddenly, week 10 or so BAM sweaty Betty all over again.  Hormonal craziness!! 
2. Bleeding
Once this stopped I haven't had a return. Thank goodness! I'm still breastfeeding, so I haven't experienced the postpartum period... But I dread that.
3. Thirst 
I am still one of the thirstiest humans I know. I carry around my water cup wherever I go. It's probably a pain for those around me because I constantly want something to drink. I am pretty sure this is because of the breastfeeding. I drink a lot of Gatorade too, and it really seems to be the most helpful! 
4. Hormones
These guys are still on their own planet sometimes! BUT I haven't randomly burst into tears in weeks. Hooray for small victories. I would like to get my own skin back, but otherwise the hormones have balanced out a ton! 
I struggled a lot initially with my feelings. Everything was very overwhelming and seemed impossible. Sunshine and exercise have made a world of difference.
5. The Bod
My body has changed. Whether these changes are forever remains to be seen. The last minute, red, angry stretch marks that appeared all over have softened. The lines on my legs are almost not noticeable. The tummy has a few, but they have already gone from red-purple to more of a silvery-purple. The ones on my chest are by far the worst and until I'm done breastfeeding I don't think that those will get too much better. 

I'm not even out of the fourth trimester and already I feel like I've made giant strides. The Internet assures me that breastfeeding moms who continue to breastfeed have an increase in weight loss between 3-6 months postpartum. They say this is because of a shift in lactation hormones.... I guess we shall see! 

Thanks for all your love and support through this very hard journey! Here are some very vulnerable pictures documenting the progress I'm making. 

Here's what a week and a half of exercise can do for a body. 

The next two pictures are 8.5 weeks PP versus 3 weeks PP. Biggest changes I see are in the face and arms. 

At 8.5 Weeks PP: I am down 35 pounds... 20 left to go. (I think I would be happy with another 10 while breastfeeding.) 
At 11 Weeks PP:  I am down 37 pounds.  Things are leveling out, but it's still about a pound a week.  Just trying to stay steady with it.

I am currently running 3-4 times a week.  It seems like I have a case of diastasis recti (a gap in the ab muscles).  I have been researching exercises to help heal this gap, but I think it's going to be what takes the longest time to get back to the before.

I started out running 12 minute miles and could only hang for about 2 miles.  I am consistently running a sub 10 minute mile for about 3 now, and I have gotten 2 long runs of 6 miles in.  It's a long process, but I cannot even explain how wonderful exercise makes me feel. 

This is where I started from in the early weeks of my postpartum recovery. The Top 5 Things I Wish I'd Known about Postpartum Recovery: 18 daysPostpartum

 The day before baby was born 39 weeks

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moose: 11 Weeks

How Big?: According to Mommy's measurements, he is 13.5 pounds and 24 inches long! At his 2 month visit, he was 12.2 pounds and 23.5 inches. (50th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height). He still has another two weeks before his 3 month appointment.
Clothing Size?: 6 months (but I'm getting all 9 month oneises because he is so long) & we are trying out size 2 diapers this week to see what we think! He is getting big big big
What/When is he eating?: Moose is drinking only breastmilk and eats about every three hours.  He drinks 4-6 ounces in a feeding and about 8 before bed.  I am almost exclusively pumping for him, which is both a convenience and an inconvenience all at the same time.  I miss our snuggles, but with everything being summer craziness this is what works for us. 
I have cut my pumping down to 6 times a day (from originally 8). I pump at 4, 7, 11, 2, 6, 10 
Sleep?:We put him down between 9 and 10, and he wakes up at 4am or 6am.  He has been sleeping in his bassinet on the pack n play in our room.  Tonight is the first time we are trying his crib! SCARY stuff for a first time momma!
Movement?: Oh me, oh my. There is no more putting him on the couch or changing table and walking away for a second.  This baby can shimmy and shake with the best of them.  He can hold his head up and is working hard to try to sit up on his own! He can sort of army crawl, too!
Milestones?: First time at church! We were finally ready to try to take Moose to church. (We have been itching to get back at it for weeks.) He was really good, but he wanted to be a bit chatty.
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: I let myself get a little bit rundown and spent Saturday laid up because I had a touch of a summer cold.  Think the rest and fluids kicked it pretty quick because I woke up feeling much better.  Also, things can be a bit comical around here sometimes. With Sam and I and the baby, we now communicate a little bit differently!  We are definitely learning to AOM (adjust on the move.) 
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Celebrating our One Year Anniversary! Last Sunday was our first wedding anniversary! Cannot believe it's already come and gone.  We went to Shreveport for the night.  It was great getting away, but the first night away from the baby was tough! We also got to go see a movie this week, while my mom watched Moose.  We saw World War Z... I was scared. (yes, I am a wuss.) I read two books! (I love to read... if anyone has any good young adult book suggestions I am in the mood for a new read.) I read The Selection and The Elite. They are not terribly sophisticated books, but I quite enjoyed them anyways.  I am looking forward to reading the last one in the trilogy.  The books are basically the Bachelor meets Hunger Games.
Looking Forward to: Enjoying the last couple of weeks of my summer break. Cheerleading looms on the horizon, lol! I cannot wait to see my little boy continuing to recognize not just me, but all the other things around him.  I also, am ready to find a home church again.  We are going to try several in the area, but finding something like the invigorating church we were going to before will be tough.

Lots of Love,
The Rileys

Nursery Tour: Moose's Room at Home and at Grandma's

Being the first son and first grandbaby means one thing... Spoiled! That's right Little Moose has not one room but TWO!  I love what my mom did for him at her house and in some ways am totally jealous of his "Little Buckaroo" Room. That being said, I do love his Moose Room! 

Without further ado... the nursery tour: 

"Little Buckaroo" Nursery
 Wagon wheels on the wall. A wall decal that says "Little Buckaroo." An antique desk for a changing table. Denim crib skirt. Adorable!!!

 My parents created a chair rail on the wall with rope! How cool is that?!

 Moose Nusery
Rocking Moose. Brown Walls. Empty white frames. Monicker on the wall. Ton of moose toys on white Lack (Ikea) shelves. Polka Dotted Drawers. Moose Lamp.  

It didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned it (see my original design board), but I still think it's a great nursery.  It will hopefully transition well into a big kid room.  (Is it sad that I am already thinking up the next baby's room... I have a plan for either gender already! Next time around, I will be picking an easier theme than moose, and I will be utilizing more pieces that we already own for decorations!) Hindsight is always 20/20, lol! 

All that being said.... I Still LOVE his room :) 

Thanks for sticking around... Want to see Little Moose Man's 11 Week Update? Click here.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moose: 9, 10... Where did the time go?

The time seems to be on hyper-speed lately... Even this blog which is already behind is still behind.  Moose is already 11 weeks.  Here is our update from weeks 9 and 10. :)

He changes so rapidly these days.  Sometimes I don't feel like I can even keep up, and I know as he gets bigger and bigger it is only going to get exponentially worse.  He is so expressive now.  I love watching him figure things out! It's a pretty awesome life.

How Big?: HUGE.... Haha, no I haven't weighed him, but I know he's already grown even more than his last doctor's appointment!
Clothing Size?: Um wow! He's not even three months and nothing from the 0-3 months category fits anymore.  I have started buying 9 month onesies because he is so long!
What/When is he eating?: Breastmilk still!! I didn't think we would make it, but we have passed some epic marks.  10 weeks 100% mommy's milk - I'm counting this as a huge victory!
Sleep?: 9:30 to either 4 or 6.  Never 5. Don't ask me why.
Movement?: He can pick his head up like nobodies business!

Short update... but the next one should be longer after I upload the 11 week picture :)

I am thinking of switching to monthly updates.  The picture isn't hard to take, but sometimes getting it from the camera to the computer and blogging - whew! LOL  I just can't get over how big my little man is getting!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Life: Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July from the Riley Crew!  

We took it a little bit easy this year for the fourth and just had burgers at our house for the day!  I love to entertain, and now that I feel so much better I did my best to get a little Pinterest crafty!  I was very happy with the way my cake dip bar turned out! :) Here's a photo wrap up of our decor and our day!

Food and Decorations 

I used a simple free printable from here to spruce up the drink area! 

I wanted something fun in red, white, and blue for dessert/appetizer, but I didn't want to use fruit because I wanted it to be okay sitting out for longer than that.  After much Pinterest research, I decided to do a cake dip bar.  I made three different kinds of sweet dips and served with nilla wafers, animal crackers, and graham crackers.  See links below for the recipes to each dip.  

Red Velvet Cake Dip (Our Least Favorite of the three) 
Funfetti Cake Dip (By Far the Crowd Favorite)
Blue Raspberry Lemonade Dip (Would have probably been better on fruit) 
Also, this one wasn't really a dip recipe, but a filing... I just rolled with it anyways.

 I made this wreath a couple of years ago, but it was super simple. I used a wire wreath form, a strand of blue garland, and a bag of flag cupcake picks.  Hot glue and a bow... voila!

Family Pictures of the Day! 

Lots of Love,
The Riley's