Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moose: 3 Months

12 weeks was last week and this week (our actual 3 month mark) is 13 weeks.  He looks longer to me from 12 to 13 weeks.

How Big?: According to Mommy's measurements, he is 15 pounds and 24 inches long! We will get another official weigh in at his 4 month appointment on the first day of school. 
Clothing Size?: 6 months (but I'm getting all 9 month oneises because he is so long) & size 2 diapers.  We like the Huggies Little Snugglers the best for him.  I think it is mostly because he is a boy and they have the most absorbancy in the front of all the brands we tried.  We prefer Huggies to Pampers because of the lining.  Pampers have mesh stuff that we don't love. 
What/When is he eating?: 3 Month mark - EXCLUSIVELY breastmilk! What what! Huge milestone for us.  I never thought we would make it to here at 5 weeks postpartum.  He eats about 30 ounces a day. Sometimes more. 
Sleep?: He sleeps in his own crib, and he sleeps through the night.  He is getting sleepy earlier and earlier, so bed time has moved up from 10 to about 8:30.  He still wakes up at 4 or 6. 
Movement?: Wiggles, wiggles, wiggles.  Think rockstar meets just come to life teddy bear.  He is able to move all over, but he isn't quite aware of how to control things.  He has found the hands. 
Milestones?: Hello voice! We are getting to hear all kinds of new coo's and whines.  Grabbing things for the first time.  He grabbed his play saw and held on like nobodies business.  (Yes play saw... we are going to have a handy man.) First set of play tools were bought for him ($1 at a garage sale, great buy Grandma)!
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: Sam's knee has been killing him and that plus our stairs has been a recipe for disaster.  Moose is hitting a new growth spurt and has been really fussy.  Yesterday morning, Moose was fighting sleep so bad. Sam was in a lot of pain. I had a million things to do.  Not super fun. Thank goodness my mom and Alan live so close.  They came and got the cranky baby. (Drove him around and put him right to sleep.) Sam got to rest his knee. And I got to get my chores done! We are gearing up for Sam's nose/throat surgery.  Not something we are looking forward to. 
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Watching Moose play in his crib and put himself to sleep on the baby monitor.  It's one of my favorite things.  He has also slept in a good couple of times letting us get some good sleep.  My mom and I had a blast garage sale-ing on Friday. And I ran 6 good miles yesterday morning! All such great things!
Looking Forward to: This is more of a not looking forward to. Sam has his surgery tomorrow. He is getting his nose fixed inside and out and his tonsils removed.  They say it's a tough recovery.  I also start back to work on Thursday, which is tough because Sam will be on his own.  Moose will be with my mom on those two days this week. We are praying for a fast recovery and awesome results.  The doctors say Sam's normal oxygen levels are less than a normal person holding their breath.  I want this to work out and be a good thing for us.  Please send your thoughts to us tomorrow and this week.  We are stalked up on pudding, jello, and mashed potatoes.  :)

Here is a photo dump of the last couple of weeks:

Lots of Love,
The Rileys

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