Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nursery Tour: Moose's Room at Home and at Grandma's

Being the first son and first grandbaby means one thing... Spoiled! That's right Little Moose has not one room but TWO!  I love what my mom did for him at her house and in some ways am totally jealous of his "Little Buckaroo" Room. That being said, I do love his Moose Room! 

Without further ado... the nursery tour: 

"Little Buckaroo" Nursery
 Wagon wheels on the wall. A wall decal that says "Little Buckaroo." An antique desk for a changing table. Denim crib skirt. Adorable!!!

 My parents created a chair rail on the wall with rope! How cool is that?!

 Moose Nusery
Rocking Moose. Brown Walls. Empty white frames. Monicker on the wall. Ton of moose toys on white Lack (Ikea) shelves. Polka Dotted Drawers. Moose Lamp.  

It didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned it (see my original design board), but I still think it's a great nursery.  It will hopefully transition well into a big kid room.  (Is it sad that I am already thinking up the next baby's room... I have a plan for either gender already! Next time around, I will be picking an easier theme than moose, and I will be utilizing more pieces that we already own for decorations!) Hindsight is always 20/20, lol! 

All that being said.... I Still LOVE his room :) 

Thanks for sticking around... Want to see Little Moose Man's 11 Week Update? Click here.

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