Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Results are in: Little Moose Man

What an incredible birthday gift!!! I was so pleased that we were able to go and find out the sex of the baby on my birthday.  The sonogram suite was hopping yesterday morning when we got there, and I had to PEE... but she said you have to wait until after the sonogram to go.  I waited "patiently" for it to be our turn to go back.  Sam was trying to take a nap on the wall, while my mom and I fielded all the texts of everyone guessing.

They took us back, and she first did all the measurements for the doctor.  (I go in to see the awesome Dr. Maas next week, but everything looked good to the sono gal.)  Then, she went through a got some pictures of our cuties face for us.  The last thing she did was scan down to his little legs... and NO DOUBT it's a boy! Daddy was a proud papa because he said he couldn't figure out his kids face, but when the wand went there he said I knew those were boy parts!!!  What a boy!!!

Not only is he a boy, he is hands down a MOOSE! This little dude is making moose antlers at us in utero. Check him out!  This reminds me of Sharon and I's old "fuzzy horns" from high school. When we asked my step-dad what the heck a deer in velvet was, and then proceeded to run around making antlers for the entire weekend making antlers on our heads. :)

I have already started to plan for this handsome man's nursery.  After much thought and FAR too much Pinterest help, I put together this Olioboard.  Of course this is a tentative plan for the room, but I am in love with so many of these things.  Some of it will depend on the money and what we can find.

For all you inquiring minds, it does happen to be a pure coincidence that the brown Moose print on Etsy has the name Samuel on it.  Sam and I are still tossing names back and forth, though I will say, we haven't ruled out Samuel. :) I am in love with this color scheme and our moose theme.  I cannot wait to move forward getting Little Moose Man's room ready for him! 

Thank you all for keeping up with us and enjoying each part of this process with us.  We are very blessed!

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