Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pregnancy: 9 Weeks

How far along? In this picture 9weeks 2days
Total weight gain/loss: lost 5 pounds (that is up two pounds from last week!) Woohoo
Maternity clothes? nope, but I am feeling big (my husband assures me that it's in my head)
Stretch marks?  No
Sleep: Still sleeping like a wiggle worm
Best moment this week: Not throwing up allll day yesterday!
Have you told family and friends: It's even Facebook official now
Miss Anything? working out, I have to put my weight back on before I start that again
Movement: Nope
Food cravings: Cupcakes! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Fried pie apparently was a bad idea
Have you started to show yet: No, but I feel like my body is already changing
Gender prediction: Boy (my husband is thinks it will be twin girls lol)
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? innie
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: both to the extreme!!!
Weekly Wisdom: meds before bed, meds when I wake up, little snack... makes a huge difference
Looking forward to: being social again soon :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pregnancy: 8 Weeks

Here is last weeks picture with the questions.
How far along? In this picture 8weeks 2days
Total weight gain/loss: lost 7 pounds (thanks to my awesome all day sickness)
Maternity clothes? nope... comfort is increasingly important to me at this point, so I can't even imagine what it will get as it goes on
Stretch marks?  No
Sleep: I toss and turn, but I really crave lots and lots and lots of sleep
Best moment this week: Finally finding the energy to take a picture!
Have you told family and friends:Oh yeah, the passing out in the hall did that for me
Miss Anything? Getting to eat healthy food (I can't keep anything deemed healthy down)
Movement: Nope
Food cravings: I crave all things marinara but .... see the next answer
Anything making you queasy or sick: all things marinara, spaghetti, pizza, everything!
Have you started to show yet: No, but my cheerleaders tell me they look everyday to see if I'm getting a bump
Gender prediction: Boy (my husband is thinks it will be twin girls lol)
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? innie
Wedding rings on or off? actually pretty loose... I should have gotten it sized smaller for the wedding, but now I'm glad that I didn't.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody in the mornings ... Like cranky beast!!!! Finally Happy in the afternoons
Weekly Wisdom: zofran alone may not be a strong enough medicine on it's own
Looking forward to: the weather to cool down!

I was obsessed with during her pregnancy.  Jessica is adorable and her chalkboard is the holy grail of pregnancy chalkboards.  After using ours at our wedding, I knew I wanted to use it during my pregnancy.  I hope my art skills get better over the next months. :)

Announcing the News!

Sam and I are excited to finally announce our news.
We are pregnant!

It's still early, and we originally wanted to wait until the second trimester to tell everyone.  However, that plan didn't work out exactly.  Here's the story of how we found out and how our secret got out:

My husband was determined that we would get pregnant on our Honeymoon, but after that wasn't true I figured we would take our time and let time takes it's course.  Sam was taking the step out of coaching world, and I was just starting at a new school and taking on the cheer coaching position.  Our first week of school was chaos!!!!  We had a 5am alarm clock pep rally, the first football games of the season, and the general first week of school insanity. 

I was stressed, and I knew I was a little bit late.  I just kept waiting.... So finally after the nagging thought began to take over my brain.  I decided to take a home pregnancy test on Wednesday during that first week of school.  I was certain it would be negative, and I could stop stressing out.  6am and eyes half open, I looked and it was positive!  I left it on the bathroom counter for my husband to find and laid back down.  He was shocked when he found it! At that point, I was 4 weeks.

We were going to keep quiet until 13 weeks.  At 6 weeks the nausea hit like a tidal wave.  I spent the whole weekend throwing up.  I felt terrible, and I made myself very dehydrated.  I went to school that Monday.  In the middle of first period, I had to leave to throw up twice.  The next time I went to throw up, I got so dizzy I passed out in the hall.  Another teacher was there and caught me.  The next thing I remember I was in the middle of the bathroom floor throwing up, while the school nurse, one of our assistant principals, my husband and another teacher are all staring at me.  I had to go to the Emergency Room and get fluids, but needless to say in a high school news travels fast.  Thanks to the rumor mill and some obvious signs.... Everyone knew I was pregnant by the end of day.

I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, so I went to see the OB right that week.  The condition basically means you throw up and throw up and throw up.  I get all kinds of anti-nausea meds to take. And at this point, I've tried every old wives' tale and trick there is.  I'll write another post about this soon. 

I am at 9 weeks now, and we decided that keeping it quiet on Facebook was too challenging now.  I have been anxious to begin blogging my journey.  We hope that everything continues to be healthy!  The doctor seemed to say that with as sick as I've been everything should be great.  I see the doctor again in two weeks.  I cannot wait to see hear the heartbeat! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

July 7, 2012

I have had previous blogs about our wedding before, but I just got the CD of our wedding pictures in the mail from my amazing photographers.  I am motivated to gush more about our big day.  I cannot believe how quickly time flies!!!

We used Pinterest to get a lot of our ideas, so I will try my best to credit what I can...

Our venue was the YWCA in downtown Fort Worth.  They have a nice price and an open vendor policy, which we really appreciated.  It is a historic building, so it has a lot of details that make decorating easy.  The ceremony space is downstairs with the nice big fire place, and upstairs is a ballroom.  (I was torn about whether or not to spend the money on chair covers, but ultimately I didn't.  I don't regret not covering them because I don't think my guests really noticed or cared, but it does stand out a bit in pictures.)  The tables and chairs are provided by the facility, so you cannot bring anything else in.

Our table decor was the Pinterest inspired mason jars and bandanas.  We also used smaller mason jars with holes punched in the tops for salt and pepper shakers.  The centerpieces were simple mason jars filled with white flowers.  My stepmom did the flowers for the wedding because for me they were the least important piece, and I didn't see any reason to spend the money on a florist.  I made the little cards next to the mason jars to communicate to guests that they should write their name on the tag and use it for a drinking glass.

The I Spy cards were also Pinterest inspired.  We used Martha Stewart's page to get our idea. It really did start a conversation between the guests, and in some cases even inspired a competition.  We hid the camera (which was green and did not match) behind the cardstock cards. I made a spot for guests to return the cameras, so that the cleanup folks weren't finding them all over at the end of the night. 

 We opted not to do a traditional wedding cake, but instead I wanted cake balls (or politely called cake truffles.) I had mine made at Sugar Bee Sweets in Arlington.  They were delicious, and my guests loved them.  My husband loved shoving a whole one in my mouth during the cake eating pictures also! :)My husband didn't want a traditional grooms cake either, so we made an Oreo tower.  He loves Oreos more than most things on earth, so this was perfect.  We had the glass beverage dispenser filled with milk once "cake" was served.

After lots and lots of searching, I couldn't find a guestbook that I liked.  I knew we would never use it again, but I didn't want to do the mat on the picture because there's nothing worse than looking back in five years and not remembering who someone is (I've had friends that this has happened to) or you have a falling out with and there is their name on your wall.... what a waste.  I came up with a funky idea that my guests would sign a penny for good luck.  They put their penny inside the chalkboard piggy bank.  (I got him at Target.)  It was fun and different.  People even managed to draw little pictures on their pennies, so it was neat to go through them all.

 My grandparents vintage suitcase filled with stock became a place for guests to place their cards.

This whole piece of decor was the most special and probably my favorite thing we had at our wedding.  My husband has lost both his parents, and I wanted to honor them at our wedding.  Sam's dad made jewelry out of rock (you can see it in the first picture above).  I took many different pieces of that and put the pendants on fishing wire and hung it on a small tree.  I made the tree out of branches in our backyard.  Several other pendants were in a small mason jar that you can see in the last picture.  I typed up the story of his mom and dad's jewelry business (that came from an unsuccessful gold mine) and framed it to match the rest of our wedding signs.  I also put their wedding picture on the table.  I had already taken some bridal pictures wearing several of the pieces, and I surprised my husband with those pictures later too. 

 The vendor we used for our invitations was incredible!!! Due to some health concerns in our family, we were unable to confirm our wedding until the last minute (about five weeks before), but Gina of Ginger P Designs was incredible! She made this custom design for us, and this was not the first or second or third design she made for me.  She also doesn't charge for shipping and these invites are high quality and well-priced!! I loved them and my guests knew exactly what to expect at our BBQ chic wedding. 

We had such a wonderful day! All these beautiful pictures are credited to my incredible team of photographers.  Camille and Sara of Pureography are amazing photographers.  I am also fortunate enough that they are friends of mine.  I think my wedding made our sixth photoshoot together, so we were a well-oiled machine.  I cannot wait to pick out my pictures and get my flush mount album from them!!

I loved the way our colors turned out, and the way it all came together!  I have so many other incredible pictures to share that this may not be my last wedding post yet :)

Thanks y'all!