Saturday, September 29, 2012

Announcing the News!

Sam and I are excited to finally announce our news.
We are pregnant!

It's still early, and we originally wanted to wait until the second trimester to tell everyone.  However, that plan didn't work out exactly.  Here's the story of how we found out and how our secret got out:

My husband was determined that we would get pregnant on our Honeymoon, but after that wasn't true I figured we would take our time and let time takes it's course.  Sam was taking the step out of coaching world, and I was just starting at a new school and taking on the cheer coaching position.  Our first week of school was chaos!!!!  We had a 5am alarm clock pep rally, the first football games of the season, and the general first week of school insanity. 

I was stressed, and I knew I was a little bit late.  I just kept waiting.... So finally after the nagging thought began to take over my brain.  I decided to take a home pregnancy test on Wednesday during that first week of school.  I was certain it would be negative, and I could stop stressing out.  6am and eyes half open, I looked and it was positive!  I left it on the bathroom counter for my husband to find and laid back down.  He was shocked when he found it! At that point, I was 4 weeks.

We were going to keep quiet until 13 weeks.  At 6 weeks the nausea hit like a tidal wave.  I spent the whole weekend throwing up.  I felt terrible, and I made myself very dehydrated.  I went to school that Monday.  In the middle of first period, I had to leave to throw up twice.  The next time I went to throw up, I got so dizzy I passed out in the hall.  Another teacher was there and caught me.  The next thing I remember I was in the middle of the bathroom floor throwing up, while the school nurse, one of our assistant principals, my husband and another teacher are all staring at me.  I had to go to the Emergency Room and get fluids, but needless to say in a high school news travels fast.  Thanks to the rumor mill and some obvious signs.... Everyone knew I was pregnant by the end of day.

I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, so I went to see the OB right that week.  The condition basically means you throw up and throw up and throw up.  I get all kinds of anti-nausea meds to take. And at this point, I've tried every old wives' tale and trick there is.  I'll write another post about this soon. 

I am at 9 weeks now, and we decided that keeping it quiet on Facebook was too challenging now.  I have been anxious to begin blogging my journey.  We hope that everything continues to be healthy!  The doctor seemed to say that with as sick as I've been everything should be great.  I see the doctor again in two weeks.  I cannot wait to see hear the heartbeat! :)

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