Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding Brain

They say there is such a thing as pregnancy brain. You become forgetful, moody, all in all a little bit crazy... I have Wedding Brain.

Wedding Brain means that you become a little neurotic (or a little more than normal), obsessed with every detail, and all in all a whole lot of crazy! Haha! Again, I spent another night dreaming of incredibly pointless things. I can't determine when to get my nails done, should I get my roots touched up, do I have any tan lines? It's the dumbest stuff, but there I am stressing out. I mean, everyone knows that if the table clothes aren't ironed perfectly the whole day is ruined.... not!

My latest obsession has been packing for the honeymoon. I've made an entire pinterest board devoted to the honeymoon (even though there's no eat I could fill the board before it comes). I decided to begin a photo packing list. At this point I know what swimsuits I am taking and at least one coverup. It's progress, haha!

I have two matched bikinis and a one piece. Then, I have a pair of black bottoms and four different tops to wear with them. I think that should cover a week on the beach!!! It's so close I'm getting so excited! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Mondays

I am going to be a Mrs in such a short amount of time!!! The wedding has officially begun to invade my brain during the sleeping hours. Last night I dreamt and woke up thinking about hair extensions. Seriously... I am pretty sure my unconscious self decided that they are a necessity, so I just might call the salon and ask how much they are. If I obsessed about it for over 4 hours, surely it merits a phone call.

This weekend was great. Sam has his bachelor weekend... Nothing Hangover style, they went fishing and camping. When guys get a bit older, you realize they don't really want to go out and do stuff they really just want to sit around and gossip like old hens! :) My girls and I had a chill Bach day. We went to a Zumba class, laid out by the pool, ate lunch, baked, and watched Buffy. My friends are incredible, and they always make me feel so good about myself. They told me I was prettier than Sarah Michelle Gellar! Haha, best compliment ever... Since I think she's the end all be all. On the more serious front, they told me I would make a good mother.

A sentiment like that warms my heart. I am truly grateful for God's plan, which means having faith in his timing. Sam and I are ready to put it all in his hands. As much as we would love a kiddo really quickly, we would also love the time to just be married a bit. Moral of the story: we will be happy either way, and we are trusting God! I am so excited to marry the best man I know, and my best friend. I love him so stinking much!

We have a To Do list that seems never ending, but I know it's all worth it in the end. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I love summer! I think that being a teacher only makes me love it so much more. We have been working hard, though, and are trying hard to finish the wedding details. I cannot wait to be laying on the beach with this wedding behind me and my future rolling in front of me! I can already hear the sound of the waves.

Wedding stuff has pretty much dominated my life, and I can honestly see how hard it is not to become the crazy stressed out lady! The details all get silly at some point. I am getting very excited!!! I really think everything is coming together and is going to be a really nice fun day.

Days when I'm not maklng bows and shopping for supplies, I am trying to get all those various tasks that you wait all year to do done. Dogs go to the groomers. Car registration stickers... To do lists that go on and on.

Wow, I'm making summer sound so glamourous. Haha, I am spoiled, though, because I also get to spend lots of time at the gym and hanging out with my fiancée!!

In other fun stuff, I got my PR 5k time last weekend. I ran a 24:22! Sub-8 minute miles.., woohoo!! It felt like my lungs were going to explode, but I am pumped up. I have been recovering from a knee thing, so I have missed several long runs :( I am ready to get back after it!!

I am fighting a little bug, so hopefully only one more day down and I will be on my feet again! I have to be better by Saturday for sure because my girls an I are having my laid back bachelorette day! I am so excited for our Buffy marathon!!!

God has blessed me beyond measure, and I am so fortunate for everyday I get on this earth.