Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding Brain

They say there is such a thing as pregnancy brain. You become forgetful, moody, all in all a little bit crazy... I have Wedding Brain.

Wedding Brain means that you become a little neurotic (or a little more than normal), obsessed with every detail, and all in all a whole lot of crazy! Haha! Again, I spent another night dreaming of incredibly pointless things. I can't determine when to get my nails done, should I get my roots touched up, do I have any tan lines? It's the dumbest stuff, but there I am stressing out. I mean, everyone knows that if the table clothes aren't ironed perfectly the whole day is ruined.... not!

My latest obsession has been packing for the honeymoon. I've made an entire pinterest board devoted to the honeymoon (even though there's no eat I could fill the board before it comes). I decided to begin a photo packing list. At this point I know what swimsuits I am taking and at least one coverup. It's progress, haha!

I have two matched bikinis and a one piece. Then, I have a pair of black bottoms and four different tops to wear with them. I think that should cover a week on the beach!!! It's so close I'm getting so excited! :)

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