Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I love summer! I think that being a teacher only makes me love it so much more. We have been working hard, though, and are trying hard to finish the wedding details. I cannot wait to be laying on the beach with this wedding behind me and my future rolling in front of me! I can already hear the sound of the waves.

Wedding stuff has pretty much dominated my life, and I can honestly see how hard it is not to become the crazy stressed out lady! The details all get silly at some point. I am getting very excited!!! I really think everything is coming together and is going to be a really nice fun day.

Days when I'm not maklng bows and shopping for supplies, I am trying to get all those various tasks that you wait all year to do done. Dogs go to the groomers. Car registration stickers... To do lists that go on and on.

Wow, I'm making summer sound so glamourous. Haha, I am spoiled, though, because I also get to spend lots of time at the gym and hanging out with my fiancée!!

In other fun stuff, I got my PR 5k time last weekend. I ran a 24:22! Sub-8 minute miles.., woohoo!! It felt like my lungs were going to explode, but I am pumped up. I have been recovering from a knee thing, so I have missed several long runs :( I am ready to get back after it!!

I am fighting a little bug, so hopefully only one more day down and I will be on my feet again! I have to be better by Saturday for sure because my girls an I are having my laid back bachelorette day! I am so excited for our Buffy marathon!!!

God has blessed me beyond measure, and I am so fortunate for everyday I get on this earth.

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