Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Mondays

I am going to be a Mrs in such a short amount of time!!! The wedding has officially begun to invade my brain during the sleeping hours. Last night I dreamt and woke up thinking about hair extensions. Seriously... I am pretty sure my unconscious self decided that they are a necessity, so I just might call the salon and ask how much they are. If I obsessed about it for over 4 hours, surely it merits a phone call.

This weekend was great. Sam has his bachelor weekend... Nothing Hangover style, they went fishing and camping. When guys get a bit older, you realize they don't really want to go out and do stuff they really just want to sit around and gossip like old hens! :) My girls and I had a chill Bach day. We went to a Zumba class, laid out by the pool, ate lunch, baked, and watched Buffy. My friends are incredible, and they always make me feel so good about myself. They told me I was prettier than Sarah Michelle Gellar! Haha, best compliment ever... Since I think she's the end all be all. On the more serious front, they told me I would make a good mother.

A sentiment like that warms my heart. I am truly grateful for God's plan, which means having faith in his timing. Sam and I are ready to put it all in his hands. As much as we would love a kiddo really quickly, we would also love the time to just be married a bit. Moral of the story: we will be happy either way, and we are trusting God! I am so excited to marry the best man I know, and my best friend. I love him so stinking much!

We have a To Do list that seems never ending, but I know it's all worth it in the end. :)

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