Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moose: 17 Months... Why is Time Flying?

How Big?:  He goes to the doctor next month for a check-up, so maybe they can get him to sit still long enough to weigh him and get his height. I think he's nearly 30 pounds at this point, and he's really tall waisted. 
Clothing Size?: We are still in a diaper size 5, and he is wearing 3T pjs pretty much exclusively. We are buying mostly shirts in 3T, now, but pants are still 24 months or 2T. (Some of his 2T shorts are a little snug on his behind, so since we already have several 2T pants I think we are buying 3T more than anything!) 
What/When is he eating?: Somedays getting this kid to sit still to get food in his belly is the biggest challenge we endure. You can't force feed them, so different days look completely different here with this kiddo. Somedays he will eat blueberries, cheese, eggs, turkey, and green beans like a good boy. Otherdays, we are lucky if he eats cheez-its all day. Hurmph. Oh well, we do our best. 
Movement?: He can shut the baby gates on his own for us (thankfully he can't open them, yet). He can open the long handled door knobs, and he's almost opening regular ones. He is a daredevil deluxe, so we have to keep a constant eye on this kid! 
Milestones?: He is so stinking big these days. He can go up the stairs like a big boy, and he is very nearly down them like a big boy with no help. He high-fives, claps (appropriately), and attempts to blow his own nose. He is starting to recognize when he has a dirty diaper, and he will ask for it to be changed. He follows simple directions like, "Throw this away," "give this to the doggies," or "put this with your toys." However, the biggest milestone we have hit this month is not the best one in the world.... THE FIT. We have officially hit the throw-myself-down-to-the-ground-for-some-reason-no-one-knows phase! I spent 5 whole minutes on Facetime with Moose and Grandma watching him scream. It started because she told him that he couldn't play with her make-up mirror, but then we are pretty certain he forgot why he was fussing. Major meltdowns are occurring at more random frequencies, too. Sometimes the car seat is THE WORST THING EVER. Sometimes we have the wrong sippy cup. Sometimes he wants to be picked up and then FREAKS out because, "WHY did you pick me up???" It's a crazy, boundary-testing phase, and we are doing everything except praying for patience. [never pray for patience... God will just give opportunities to find some! Instead, try, "God grant us peace, calm, and the grace to make it through this fit." - Amen] Aren't kiddos just the greatest things ever? haha! I really do love my little stinkerton, and his wild tantrum throwing is just a phase. 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: This is totally Mommy-focused, but the hardest thing for me has been not getting to play with him like he is used to. I am very nearly due with baby brother, and I can't lift Moose like I could before. I know he will never remember it, but sometimes for a hormonal pregnant gal it's very upsetting. 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: Moose has been the best kid (I know I just said he's throwing crazy fits). He is just learning to be so independent, and he really is so well-behaved about 90% of the time. I love how helpful he has gotten. The best moments have been watching the joy in his eyes at his new playground at Grandma & Grandpa's house. He was just so excited. He, also, does this super cute thing when he goes night night now, and he waves bye bye to me. I LOVE IT! 
Looking Forward to: I am looking forward to Moose's ever growing communication skills. I love the new words he picks up each month. This month we added, "bus" to the mix and man-oh-man does this kid love to watch a school bus go by! 

Bo: Baseball Nursery Reveal

A fabulous co-worker of mine asked me a few days ago, so did Bo get his own room? And she explained that she keeps up with us on the blog... but I hadn't updated anything about baby boy's nursery!

Bo did get his very own room (which is why all my girlie stuff got kicked out into my classroom)! His room is Dodgers Baseball Themed. Sam painted it a few weeks back, and I sewed a few of the pieces. We are still working on the big piece of art that goes on the wall (Dodgers pennants that Sam was gifted by his friends a couple years ago), but otherwise it is just about done!

Enjoy these pictures of Baby Bo's room. (Sorry, they aren't super quality... iPhone camera, plus terrible lighting in his room, dark-ish paint, and giant windows = Bad combo)

Pregnancy: 38 Weeks... Um I'm still pregnant

How far along: 38 Weeks 3 days (picture is 38 weeks on the nose) 
Total weight gain: 45 pounds. eight = 169
Maternity Clothes? Um, so yeah... I'm pretty much wearing just those $5 sale capri yoga pants my mom bought me. Good news is they're a size medium, so I don't feel like I'm totally large and in charge HAHA
Stretch Marks? Just the one little red guy near my belly button. Everything else is a nice silver white from last time! 
Best moment(s) this week: I absolutely LOVE life group for church. It's just such a nice time to fellowship with like minds! I'm loving gaining new friends, too. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of dog food got me again! 
Labor Signs: I have had  some Braxton Hicks and some false labor contractions this week, but they aren't yielding any results as of so far. 
Symptoms: Pelvic Pressure, like woah. Wadddddle. Pee every ten minutes. A little bit of breakout. No sleeping through the night. Swelling occasionally, though not consistently. Bleeding gums. 
Belly Button in or out? Sort of flat again... I think he may have dropped a bit. 
Wedding rings on or off? My ring fits on my finger, but I don't want to chance swelling up badly. I am wearing it on my necklace.

Miss Anything? Hmm.. this week I am def missing that belly sleep. I cannot get comfy at all, but still trying to soak up that last bit of baby in my tummy. 
Food Cravings: Root Beer again! And Chocolate or Cookies! 
Looking forward to: I am ready to meet our guy. God's timing is always perfect, so I know he will show up right when he should! I am already a bit misty-eyed tho to see his little hands, feet, belly.... I am excited to be a second time mom. The mother to two sons is an incredible title. I cannot wait to wear it and make all of my boys (their daddy included) proud. I love my family in this fierce way that I just never knew I could. I am far less apprehensive this time. I am far less miserable. I am so beyond excited to be this kid's mom. It's not weird anymore. It's just AWESOME.

Doctor's appt 38 Weeks: 
She ordered another Sonogram for next week because she is concerned about his growth. We will see next Wednesday how big he is and go from there. I will be 39 Weeks on October 1st... that was my original goal to make it until at work, but no one believed I would. I still have a few more days to make it to there, but I haven't had any of the signs that I did leading up to Moose's delivery. I keep praying that there will be some obvious signals for me to recognize when he's getting ready. It would be a blessing to make it a bit more at work for us financially, but whatever happens is good with us!

I wonder if I will make the appt on Wednesday???? :)

Teaching: Classroom Tour 2014

Welcome to Mrs. Riley's Classroom for 2014

I am a bit behind in sharing my classroom with the world... (I wonder why? Could it be that I am super super pregnant, as in due in less than 11 days? Well, yes I'm sure that has something to do with it!) Despite the fact that I will be missing part of the fall semester very soon, I wanted to be sure that my classroom was done top to bottom this year! We changed rooms with the opening of a new high school (which is a whole other way too complicated story), and I finally got a big classroom. 

I knew that I would be gone, and so this year I have gone above and beyond what I normally to do set-up my organizational systems. We are also going a bit more "Curly" with our lessons as a sophomore team this year, and can I just say, "WOW!" What a difference it is making? I feel like I am constantly sprinting through class, but my kids are seriously getting so much. They aren't asleep, bored, or texting under their desks... ok they might still be texting under their desks, but they are engaged SO incredibly much more than I ever saw with what I did last year. If you aren't a fan of the Curly Classroom, you need to go see their site. NOW. 

Ok without further ado...

My Student Turn In/Absent Work Station 

Information Board: I have also posted their clicker numbers here, now. 

My somewhat creepy shrine to Kurt Cobain in the back of the room. 

My cringe-worthy pun... I hate that I spelled it like this for the sake of the pun, but the kid's love it. (Though, they want to take these jeans off the wall and wear them for whatever reason.) The table under is overflow student supplies that aren't in their table baskets.

A view from the side?

Behind my door, some leftover decor from last year's college themed door decorating contest. Our class slogan was "There's a College for everyone!"

My Teacher Corner aka The Greatest Teacher Space I've EVER EVER had:
Two desks, gorgeous bulletin boards, Audrey Hepburn, and organization out the wazoo! (Since we are having a second boy very soon, all of my girlie guest bedroom decor has now found it's way to my classroom... hence the pink/damask overkill corner!) My inspiration for these boards was of course a pinterest pin... to this site

My Microwave in the back of the room with allllll those cabinets! Woohoo

My Crazy Full Weekly Agenda Board! 

Two of my best friends... My Lesson Plan Binder & My Curly Shared Readings 

Say, "Hello" to my brand new interactive notebook! I have five tabs: "About Me," "Toolbox," "My Reading," "Close Reading" and "My Writing."
Below is a picture of a Star Point in my Toolbox. I take pictures of our notebook each day and upload them to our class blog for the absent kiddos, too... Which REALLY seems to be working for me! With four segments of class, they need pictures. 

Finally, my final pic... Shirts hanging on a line? No, it's my first day of school "Get to know me speech." I have T-shirts to represent the significant moments in my life. I use this to talk to my students about who I am. Then, the next day they make a shirt to represent themselves. We hang it on the "Jeanius Work" clothesline! 

I cannot believe it's already so far into the first semester, but I am still 100% in love with my classroom and the style that we are teaching class! 

Lots of Love,
Mrs. Riley

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pregnancy: 37 Weeks... No way to know when he will show

How far along: 37 Weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: 42 pounds. 36 weeks Weight = 168, 37 weeks Weight = 166, I ain't ashamed! I feel good to be honest :) Baby was 7pounds 6ounces on his sonogram already... whew.
Maternity Clothes? The black yoga capris my mom found on sale for $5 are the literal best things ever! I also enjoyed Homecoming week and the crazy clothes I was allowed to wear because I picked up some red scrubs and man oh man are those things comfortable!
Stretch Marks? Eh yep a red one appeared near my belly button. Bo is a bigger boy than Moose was at this point.
Best moment(s) this week: Homecoming week is one of my favorites! I LOVE dressing up and being silly for the kids. I am grateful to have made it another week pregnant and to have FINALLY found a long term sub. God is good!
Miss Anything? I am really enjoying being pregnant at this point, so despite the list of things I cannot currently do I really don't miss them for now. I know that only too soon I will have all of those things and no baby in my tummy.
Food Cravings: Nah... I'm really not super hungry all the time.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing to speak of.
Labor Signs: No! It's so weird. I swear I was already having Braxton Hicks last time, but I haven't had any of the good old labor signs this time around.
Symptoms: Yes loads. I am still a bit swollen (tho much less this week than last). I have a lot of pelvic pressure and can't sleep through the night anymore. I have to pee... a lot. I am thirsty often. :)
Belly Button in or out? It's out. I thought I would hate that, too, but really, I don't mind it.
Wedding rings on or off? My ring fits on my finger, but I don't want to chance swelling up badly. I am wearing it on my necklace.
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to the excitement of new baby! I know that everyone gets so pumped when you are in labor. All the visitors who want to come, and I am looking forward to enjoying all of that! I am also really looking forward to Church in the morning. I missed last week because I came down with an awful head cold, so I am excited to hear some preaching! Plus, I cannot wait for Life Group. Fingers crossed I'm still pregnant and able to go! I have needed something like that for my soul, and God is just showering us with blessings! 

Week 36 Doctor's Visit:
No dilation, no labor signs, nothing....  Except for being supppper swollen and having a sky high BP. OOPS! This is where I realized I was overdoing it and need to slow down. I caught a head cold, which put me right to bed all last weekend and the rest was needed for all of us! 

Week 37 Doctor's Visit:
Maybe, maybe less than a 1 dilated, but no labor signs or anything like that. Bo is measuring 7pounds 6ounces, and the doctor and I talked about timing of induction (if necessary) versus a C-Section (which I would like to avoid). We are all just praying that I make it to my next appointment because then he is 38 weeks, which is better all around! All in God's hands! 

 Some pictures from this fun dress up week:

Decade Day

 Twin Day

 Bingo Champs Day 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pregnancy: 35 Weeks Final Countdown

How far along: 35 Weeks
Total weight gain: 33 pounds. Weight = 157
Maternity Clothes? Why are all my maternity clothes too small? It's not that I'm giant this time, but my belly is so far pointed out I can't fit it under shirts! I am getting crafty with the clothes.
Stretch Marks? Nothing exciting on this front, and I have not been vigilant about exfoliating or lotioning, so whatever?
Best moment(s) this week: Where oh Where does the time go? Labor Day weekend was pretty darn nice because we got an extra day to sleep and to play with our Monster Moose! We are soaking up as much time with just him before Bo arrives as possible.

Miss Anything? I miss bending, walking, and sleeping with ease. I miss eating without heartburn. I miss energy and the ability to carry just about anything up the stairs. Man, it's been a little tough on momma this week!
Movement: Heck yeah! I definitely look like I have an alien in my stomach.
Food Cravings: Last week, I was all about the root beer, but now, I am good I think. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: My heartburn in general is but nothing else.
Labor Signs: No Braxtons these last two weeks! Thank goodness!
Symptoms: Symptom overload: Swelling hands and feet. Aching back (kind of more like severe shooting pain, but eh). Exhaustion. Hunger. Heartburn. Constant need to pee. Constant thirst. What more does a girl need?
Belly Button in or out? Oh so flat that it might start to push out.
Wedding rings on or off? BOOO officially off as of yesterday.
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting stuff finished, haha! Nesting is quickly hitting me, and I cannot wait until the nursery is neatly put away (yeah maybe). I would like it if we could pack our hospital bag, too. I should probably do that pretty quick. Who knows when Bo will get here? So crazy!!!!

Moose: 16 Months How are you so big?

How Big?:  This kid just keeps growing and growing like a little weed. He will not stand still for anyone to measure or weigh him, but you can tell because of the way his clothes fit. The size 5 diapers are the right size now, too! Sheesh. Guess is probably 28 so pounds? 
Clothing Size?: His 2T shorts fit him this month, so as I look towards the changing of the seasons I am keeping an eye for good deals on 3T clothes because his torso is so long. He really has a thin waist, so I am thinking we are more than good in 2T or 24 month pants still. Diapers are a size 5. 
What/When is he eating?: The tray has come off the high chair, and we aren't all too sure if we want to fight the sit still to eat battle. He is such a mover and a shaker that I just can't tell what I should do with all that. He is a BLUEBERRY monster. He can also put a hurting on sweet potato fries. He sometimes likes pasta and sometimes likes ketchup, and most of the time likes guacamole... Idk he is such a phase kid that we will just see what else he ends up eating.
Movement?: He can reach the door knobs (but not work them yet!), so he is running around shutting doors like crazy. He can almost go up and DOWN the stairs like a big boy, though down requires a momma or daddy hand. He is still attempting the jump, and this past month, he decided he thought he could swim. He wouldn't let Sam hold him in the pool, which was a total problem because, "Moose, I love you, but you can't swim!" That was pretty funny at the family reunion.
Milestones?: He can sit in the back of the car with his animal book, and I can ask, "What's a cow say?" and he moo's. It's cute. We have woof, moo, meow, neigh, and baa pretty much down. He also knows that the sky is up and that it's blue. He can follow some small directions (including throwing trash away most of the time). He has almost alllll his teeth!! Just watching him develop is incredible! What a blessing being a parent is.
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: There are two things that have been hard this month. Battle #1: The Highchair. Sam and I have talked and talked and talked and talked, and we aren't sure which way to go with this. Moose decided that the highchair was not for him this month, so we took the tray off and sat him at the table. Now, we are fighting him standing up over and over in the chair. Then, he wants up and down over and over in and out of the chair. It makes dinner time such an ordeal. We have tried all kinds of tactics, but we are just at a loss. I think we are just going to let him play, if he wants to. He can eat if he's hungry, but he must sit down. I don't know if that's the right call, but pulling all your hair out at the dinner table would just be gross and most ineffective. Battle #2: Returning to School. Moose could care less that we are back to school. He LOVES being with my mom, so he is a happy little lark. It is incredibly hard for us, though. Two and half awesome months of Moose partying, and now, we are back to working full time. Tough, tough stuff for Momma and Daddy!
Best Moment(s) of the Month: This month was mostly spent getting back into the swing of things, so we weren't able to enjoy as much summer freedom as June and July. We did enjoy the family reunion a lot this year! We always look forward to it each year. We have gotten to spend some GREAT time with family over the course of this month in general. I think, though, hands down the best thing about this month has been finding a new church to call home! We spent so much time searching, and finally found a spot close to home that has a great space for Moose. He is getting better at playing in the nursery, and I can genuinely say our cup runneth over!
Looking Forward to: Ok... I try hard not to post about Baby on Moose's posts, but we are so close to the finish line to meet baby Bo that I cannot help it. I am looking forward to the incredibly challenging, yet amazingly rewarding transition Moose is about to make to being a BIG BROTHER! I cannot believe my little guy is going to be someone's big brother. :) Be still my mommy heart. We are so so BLESSED.