Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pregnancy: 38 Weeks... Um I'm still pregnant

How far along: 38 Weeks 3 days (picture is 38 weeks on the nose) 
Total weight gain: 45 pounds. eight = 169
Maternity Clothes? Um, so yeah... I'm pretty much wearing just those $5 sale capri yoga pants my mom bought me. Good news is they're a size medium, so I don't feel like I'm totally large and in charge HAHA
Stretch Marks? Just the one little red guy near my belly button. Everything else is a nice silver white from last time! 
Best moment(s) this week: I absolutely LOVE life group for church. It's just such a nice time to fellowship with like minds! I'm loving gaining new friends, too. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of dog food got me again! 
Labor Signs: I have had  some Braxton Hicks and some false labor contractions this week, but they aren't yielding any results as of so far. 
Symptoms: Pelvic Pressure, like woah. Wadddddle. Pee every ten minutes. A little bit of breakout. No sleeping through the night. Swelling occasionally, though not consistently. Bleeding gums. 
Belly Button in or out? Sort of flat again... I think he may have dropped a bit. 
Wedding rings on or off? My ring fits on my finger, but I don't want to chance swelling up badly. I am wearing it on my necklace.

Miss Anything? Hmm.. this week I am def missing that belly sleep. I cannot get comfy at all, but still trying to soak up that last bit of baby in my tummy. 
Food Cravings: Root Beer again! And Chocolate or Cookies! 
Looking forward to: I am ready to meet our guy. God's timing is always perfect, so I know he will show up right when he should! I am already a bit misty-eyed tho to see his little hands, feet, belly.... I am excited to be a second time mom. The mother to two sons is an incredible title. I cannot wait to wear it and make all of my boys (their daddy included) proud. I love my family in this fierce way that I just never knew I could. I am far less apprehensive this time. I am far less miserable. I am so beyond excited to be this kid's mom. It's not weird anymore. It's just AWESOME.

Doctor's appt 38 Weeks: 
She ordered another Sonogram for next week because she is concerned about his growth. We will see next Wednesday how big he is and go from there. I will be 39 Weeks on October 1st... that was my original goal to make it until at work, but no one believed I would. I still have a few more days to make it to there, but I haven't had any of the signs that I did leading up to Moose's delivery. I keep praying that there will be some obvious signals for me to recognize when he's getting ready. It would be a blessing to make it a bit more at work for us financially, but whatever happens is good with us!

I wonder if I will make the appt on Wednesday???? :)

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