Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moose: 17 Months... Why is Time Flying?

How Big?:  He goes to the doctor next month for a check-up, so maybe they can get him to sit still long enough to weigh him and get his height. I think he's nearly 30 pounds at this point, and he's really tall waisted. 
Clothing Size?: We are still in a diaper size 5, and he is wearing 3T pjs pretty much exclusively. We are buying mostly shirts in 3T, now, but pants are still 24 months or 2T. (Some of his 2T shorts are a little snug on his behind, so since we already have several 2T pants I think we are buying 3T more than anything!) 
What/When is he eating?: Somedays getting this kid to sit still to get food in his belly is the biggest challenge we endure. You can't force feed them, so different days look completely different here with this kiddo. Somedays he will eat blueberries, cheese, eggs, turkey, and green beans like a good boy. Otherdays, we are lucky if he eats cheez-its all day. Hurmph. Oh well, we do our best. 
Movement?: He can shut the baby gates on his own for us (thankfully he can't open them, yet). He can open the long handled door knobs, and he's almost opening regular ones. He is a daredevil deluxe, so we have to keep a constant eye on this kid! 
Milestones?: He is so stinking big these days. He can go up the stairs like a big boy, and he is very nearly down them like a big boy with no help. He high-fives, claps (appropriately), and attempts to blow his own nose. He is starting to recognize when he has a dirty diaper, and he will ask for it to be changed. He follows simple directions like, "Throw this away," "give this to the doggies," or "put this with your toys." However, the biggest milestone we have hit this month is not the best one in the world.... THE FIT. We have officially hit the throw-myself-down-to-the-ground-for-some-reason-no-one-knows phase! I spent 5 whole minutes on Facetime with Moose and Grandma watching him scream. It started because she told him that he couldn't play with her make-up mirror, but then we are pretty certain he forgot why he was fussing. Major meltdowns are occurring at more random frequencies, too. Sometimes the car seat is THE WORST THING EVER. Sometimes we have the wrong sippy cup. Sometimes he wants to be picked up and then FREAKS out because, "WHY did you pick me up???" It's a crazy, boundary-testing phase, and we are doing everything except praying for patience. [never pray for patience... God will just give opportunities to find some! Instead, try, "God grant us peace, calm, and the grace to make it through this fit." - Amen] Aren't kiddos just the greatest things ever? haha! I really do love my little stinkerton, and his wild tantrum throwing is just a phase. 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: This is totally Mommy-focused, but the hardest thing for me has been not getting to play with him like he is used to. I am very nearly due with baby brother, and I can't lift Moose like I could before. I know he will never remember it, but sometimes for a hormonal pregnant gal it's very upsetting. 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: Moose has been the best kid (I know I just said he's throwing crazy fits). He is just learning to be so independent, and he really is so well-behaved about 90% of the time. I love how helpful he has gotten. The best moments have been watching the joy in his eyes at his new playground at Grandma & Grandpa's house. He was just so excited. He, also, does this super cute thing when he goes night night now, and he waves bye bye to me. I LOVE IT! 
Looking Forward to: I am looking forward to Moose's ever growing communication skills. I love the new words he picks up each month. This month we added, "bus" to the mix and man-oh-man does this kid love to watch a school bus go by! 

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