Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pregnancy: 35 Weeks Final Countdown

How far along: 35 Weeks
Total weight gain: 33 pounds. Weight = 157
Maternity Clothes? Why are all my maternity clothes too small? It's not that I'm giant this time, but my belly is so far pointed out I can't fit it under shirts! I am getting crafty with the clothes.
Stretch Marks? Nothing exciting on this front, and I have not been vigilant about exfoliating or lotioning, so whatever?
Best moment(s) this week: Where oh Where does the time go? Labor Day weekend was pretty darn nice because we got an extra day to sleep and to play with our Monster Moose! We are soaking up as much time with just him before Bo arrives as possible.

Miss Anything? I miss bending, walking, and sleeping with ease. I miss eating without heartburn. I miss energy and the ability to carry just about anything up the stairs. Man, it's been a little tough on momma this week!
Movement: Heck yeah! I definitely look like I have an alien in my stomach.
Food Cravings: Last week, I was all about the root beer, but now, I am good I think. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: My heartburn in general is but nothing else.
Labor Signs: No Braxtons these last two weeks! Thank goodness!
Symptoms: Symptom overload: Swelling hands and feet. Aching back (kind of more like severe shooting pain, but eh). Exhaustion. Hunger. Heartburn. Constant need to pee. Constant thirst. What more does a girl need?
Belly Button in or out? Oh so flat that it might start to push out.
Wedding rings on or off? BOOO officially off as of yesterday.
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting stuff finished, haha! Nesting is quickly hitting me, and I cannot wait until the nursery is neatly put away (yeah maybe). I would like it if we could pack our hospital bag, too. I should probably do that pretty quick. Who knows when Bo will get here? So crazy!!!!

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