Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bo: Baseball Nursery Reveal

A fabulous co-worker of mine asked me a few days ago, so did Bo get his own room? And she explained that she keeps up with us on the blog... but I hadn't updated anything about baby boy's nursery!

Bo did get his very own room (which is why all my girlie stuff got kicked out into my classroom)! His room is Dodgers Baseball Themed. Sam painted it a few weeks back, and I sewed a few of the pieces. We are still working on the big piece of art that goes on the wall (Dodgers pennants that Sam was gifted by his friends a couple years ago), but otherwise it is just about done!

Enjoy these pictures of Baby Bo's room. (Sorry, they aren't super quality... iPhone camera, plus terrible lighting in his room, dark-ish paint, and giant windows = Bad combo)

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