Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pregnancy: 37 Weeks... No way to know when he will show

How far along: 37 Weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: 42 pounds. 36 weeks Weight = 168, 37 weeks Weight = 166, I ain't ashamed! I feel good to be honest :) Baby was 7pounds 6ounces on his sonogram already... whew.
Maternity Clothes? The black yoga capris my mom found on sale for $5 are the literal best things ever! I also enjoyed Homecoming week and the crazy clothes I was allowed to wear because I picked up some red scrubs and man oh man are those things comfortable!
Stretch Marks? Eh yep a red one appeared near my belly button. Bo is a bigger boy than Moose was at this point.
Best moment(s) this week: Homecoming week is one of my favorites! I LOVE dressing up and being silly for the kids. I am grateful to have made it another week pregnant and to have FINALLY found a long term sub. God is good!
Miss Anything? I am really enjoying being pregnant at this point, so despite the list of things I cannot currently do I really don't miss them for now. I know that only too soon I will have all of those things and no baby in my tummy.
Food Cravings: Nah... I'm really not super hungry all the time.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing to speak of.
Labor Signs: No! It's so weird. I swear I was already having Braxton Hicks last time, but I haven't had any of the good old labor signs this time around.
Symptoms: Yes loads. I am still a bit swollen (tho much less this week than last). I have a lot of pelvic pressure and can't sleep through the night anymore. I have to pee... a lot. I am thirsty often. :)
Belly Button in or out? It's out. I thought I would hate that, too, but really, I don't mind it.
Wedding rings on or off? My ring fits on my finger, but I don't want to chance swelling up badly. I am wearing it on my necklace.
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to the excitement of new baby! I know that everyone gets so pumped when you are in labor. All the visitors who want to come, and I am looking forward to enjoying all of that! I am also really looking forward to Church in the morning. I missed last week because I came down with an awful head cold, so I am excited to hear some preaching! Plus, I cannot wait for Life Group. Fingers crossed I'm still pregnant and able to go! I have needed something like that for my soul, and God is just showering us with blessings! 

Week 36 Doctor's Visit:
No dilation, no labor signs, nothing....  Except for being supppper swollen and having a sky high BP. OOPS! This is where I realized I was overdoing it and need to slow down. I caught a head cold, which put me right to bed all last weekend and the rest was needed for all of us! 

Week 37 Doctor's Visit:
Maybe, maybe less than a 1 dilated, but no labor signs or anything like that. Bo is measuring 7pounds 6ounces, and the doctor and I talked about timing of induction (if necessary) versus a C-Section (which I would like to avoid). We are all just praying that I make it to my next appointment because then he is 38 weeks, which is better all around! All in God's hands! 

 Some pictures from this fun dress up week:

Decade Day

 Twin Day

 Bingo Champs Day 

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