Saturday, September 27, 2014

Teaching: Classroom Tour 2014

Welcome to Mrs. Riley's Classroom for 2014

I am a bit behind in sharing my classroom with the world... (I wonder why? Could it be that I am super super pregnant, as in due in less than 11 days? Well, yes I'm sure that has something to do with it!) Despite the fact that I will be missing part of the fall semester very soon, I wanted to be sure that my classroom was done top to bottom this year! We changed rooms with the opening of a new high school (which is a whole other way too complicated story), and I finally got a big classroom. 

I knew that I would be gone, and so this year I have gone above and beyond what I normally to do set-up my organizational systems. We are also going a bit more "Curly" with our lessons as a sophomore team this year, and can I just say, "WOW!" What a difference it is making? I feel like I am constantly sprinting through class, but my kids are seriously getting so much. They aren't asleep, bored, or texting under their desks... ok they might still be texting under their desks, but they are engaged SO incredibly much more than I ever saw with what I did last year. If you aren't a fan of the Curly Classroom, you need to go see their site. NOW. 

Ok without further ado...

My Student Turn In/Absent Work Station 

Information Board: I have also posted their clicker numbers here, now. 

My somewhat creepy shrine to Kurt Cobain in the back of the room. 

My cringe-worthy pun... I hate that I spelled it like this for the sake of the pun, but the kid's love it. (Though, they want to take these jeans off the wall and wear them for whatever reason.) The table under is overflow student supplies that aren't in their table baskets.

A view from the side?

Behind my door, some leftover decor from last year's college themed door decorating contest. Our class slogan was "There's a College for everyone!"

My Teacher Corner aka The Greatest Teacher Space I've EVER EVER had:
Two desks, gorgeous bulletin boards, Audrey Hepburn, and organization out the wazoo! (Since we are having a second boy very soon, all of my girlie guest bedroom decor has now found it's way to my classroom... hence the pink/damask overkill corner!) My inspiration for these boards was of course a pinterest pin... to this site

My Microwave in the back of the room with allllll those cabinets! Woohoo

My Crazy Full Weekly Agenda Board! 

Two of my best friends... My Lesson Plan Binder & My Curly Shared Readings 

Say, "Hello" to my brand new interactive notebook! I have five tabs: "About Me," "Toolbox," "My Reading," "Close Reading" and "My Writing."
Below is a picture of a Star Point in my Toolbox. I take pictures of our notebook each day and upload them to our class blog for the absent kiddos, too... Which REALLY seems to be working for me! With four segments of class, they need pictures. 

Finally, my final pic... Shirts hanging on a line? No, it's my first day of school "Get to know me speech." I have T-shirts to represent the significant moments in my life. I use this to talk to my students about who I am. Then, the next day they make a shirt to represent themselves. We hang it on the "Jeanius Work" clothesline! 

I cannot believe it's already so far into the first semester, but I am still 100% in love with my classroom and the style that we are teaching class! 

Lots of Love,
Mrs. Riley

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