Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moose: 16 Months How are you so big?

How Big?:  This kid just keeps growing and growing like a little weed. He will not stand still for anyone to measure or weigh him, but you can tell because of the way his clothes fit. The size 5 diapers are the right size now, too! Sheesh. Guess is probably 28 so pounds? 
Clothing Size?: His 2T shorts fit him this month, so as I look towards the changing of the seasons I am keeping an eye for good deals on 3T clothes because his torso is so long. He really has a thin waist, so I am thinking we are more than good in 2T or 24 month pants still. Diapers are a size 5. 
What/When is he eating?: The tray has come off the high chair, and we aren't all too sure if we want to fight the sit still to eat battle. He is such a mover and a shaker that I just can't tell what I should do with all that. He is a BLUEBERRY monster. He can also put a hurting on sweet potato fries. He sometimes likes pasta and sometimes likes ketchup, and most of the time likes guacamole... Idk he is such a phase kid that we will just see what else he ends up eating.
Movement?: He can reach the door knobs (but not work them yet!), so he is running around shutting doors like crazy. He can almost go up and DOWN the stairs like a big boy, though down requires a momma or daddy hand. He is still attempting the jump, and this past month, he decided he thought he could swim. He wouldn't let Sam hold him in the pool, which was a total problem because, "Moose, I love you, but you can't swim!" That was pretty funny at the family reunion.
Milestones?: He can sit in the back of the car with his animal book, and I can ask, "What's a cow say?" and he moo's. It's cute. We have woof, moo, meow, neigh, and baa pretty much down. He also knows that the sky is up and that it's blue. He can follow some small directions (including throwing trash away most of the time). He has almost alllll his teeth!! Just watching him develop is incredible! What a blessing being a parent is.
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: There are two things that have been hard this month. Battle #1: The Highchair. Sam and I have talked and talked and talked and talked, and we aren't sure which way to go with this. Moose decided that the highchair was not for him this month, so we took the tray off and sat him at the table. Now, we are fighting him standing up over and over in the chair. Then, he wants up and down over and over in and out of the chair. It makes dinner time such an ordeal. We have tried all kinds of tactics, but we are just at a loss. I think we are just going to let him play, if he wants to. He can eat if he's hungry, but he must sit down. I don't know if that's the right call, but pulling all your hair out at the dinner table would just be gross and most ineffective. Battle #2: Returning to School. Moose could care less that we are back to school. He LOVES being with my mom, so he is a happy little lark. It is incredibly hard for us, though. Two and half awesome months of Moose partying, and now, we are back to working full time. Tough, tough stuff for Momma and Daddy!
Best Moment(s) of the Month: This month was mostly spent getting back into the swing of things, so we weren't able to enjoy as much summer freedom as June and July. We did enjoy the family reunion a lot this year! We always look forward to it each year. We have gotten to spend some GREAT time with family over the course of this month in general. I think, though, hands down the best thing about this month has been finding a new church to call home! We spent so much time searching, and finally found a spot close to home that has a great space for Moose. He is getting better at playing in the nursery, and I can genuinely say our cup runneth over!
Looking Forward to: Ok... I try hard not to post about Baby on Moose's posts, but we are so close to the finish line to meet baby Bo that I cannot help it. I am looking forward to the incredibly challenging, yet amazingly rewarding transition Moose is about to make to being a BIG BROTHER! I cannot believe my little guy is going to be someone's big brother. :) Be still my mommy heart. We are so so BLESSED.

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