Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Life: Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July from the Riley Crew!  

We took it a little bit easy this year for the fourth and just had burgers at our house for the day!  I love to entertain, and now that I feel so much better I did my best to get a little Pinterest crafty!  I was very happy with the way my cake dip bar turned out! :) Here's a photo wrap up of our decor and our day!

Food and Decorations 

I used a simple free printable from here to spruce up the drink area! 

I wanted something fun in red, white, and blue for dessert/appetizer, but I didn't want to use fruit because I wanted it to be okay sitting out for longer than that.  After much Pinterest research, I decided to do a cake dip bar.  I made three different kinds of sweet dips and served with nilla wafers, animal crackers, and graham crackers.  See links below for the recipes to each dip.  

Red Velvet Cake Dip (Our Least Favorite of the three) 
Funfetti Cake Dip (By Far the Crowd Favorite)
Blue Raspberry Lemonade Dip (Would have probably been better on fruit) 
Also, this one wasn't really a dip recipe, but a filing... I just rolled with it anyways.

 I made this wreath a couple of years ago, but it was super simple. I used a wire wreath form, a strand of blue garland, and a bag of flag cupcake picks.  Hot glue and a bow... voila!

Family Pictures of the Day! 

Lots of Love,
The Riley's

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