Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moose: 9, 10... Where did the time go?

The time seems to be on hyper-speed lately... Even this blog which is already behind is still behind.  Moose is already 11 weeks.  Here is our update from weeks 9 and 10. :)

He changes so rapidly these days.  Sometimes I don't feel like I can even keep up, and I know as he gets bigger and bigger it is only going to get exponentially worse.  He is so expressive now.  I love watching him figure things out! It's a pretty awesome life.

How Big?: HUGE.... Haha, no I haven't weighed him, but I know he's already grown even more than his last doctor's appointment!
Clothing Size?: Um wow! He's not even three months and nothing from the 0-3 months category fits anymore.  I have started buying 9 month onesies because he is so long!
What/When is he eating?: Breastmilk still!! I didn't think we would make it, but we have passed some epic marks.  10 weeks 100% mommy's milk - I'm counting this as a huge victory!
Sleep?: 9:30 to either 4 or 6.  Never 5. Don't ask me why.
Movement?: He can pick his head up like nobodies business!

Short update... but the next one should be longer after I upload the 11 week picture :)

I am thinking of switching to monthly updates.  The picture isn't hard to take, but sometimes getting it from the camera to the computer and blogging - whew! LOL  I just can't get over how big my little man is getting!

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