Monday, September 30, 2013

Moose: Starting Solids

Please keep in mind that I am certainly not a doctor, and about half the time I don't really know what I'm doing either.  Enjoy the experience of a new momma. :)
Signs of Readiness:
Moose went to his 4th month doctor's appointment with Grandma and a list full of questions sent by a nervous mommy.  My biggest concern was when should he start eating and what to feed him

Our very awesome doctor explained to my mom the signs of readiness.
 - assisted sitting up
 - watching us eat 
 - hungry after a bottle 

My chunky baby showed readiness at 4 and a half months, so according to doctors orders we started little man on rice cereal. In hindsight, I probably would have just added some to his bottles for a bit, but the mommy in me just couldn't wait to try the spoon.  

He wasn't very sure of what we were doing the first time, and he kept using his tongue backwards.  He would shove the bite of food back out of his mouth. 

When to add new foods:
Our doctor suggested letting the baby eat rice cereal for two weeks before introducing new foods, but after the first two weeks we decided to give him three weeks with it.  We had only occasionally been using the spoon, and we wanted to get him a little more used to that. 

I am really glad we waited because the extra week made a difference for him.

We are just now on his first veggie.  The doctor encouraged us to start with veggies and save the sweet fruits for after.  We started with peas. (Gerber's stage one) I would like to make his baby food, but we haven't had the chance with football season going on.

We are doing three day rotations, but day two of peas caused Moose a little tummy trouble. He had the runniest, messiest, all-over the stroller-iest poop ever! Momma decided to give his belly a break, and we will try two more days of peas before we move on. 

 Our plan is to try spinach after peas. (Grandma says she will make him some.) Then, we will try green beans.  It's quite an adventure, but we are loving it!!!

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