Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Life: Ice Ice Baby

Texas weather can be one of the craziest things! It is BEAUTIFUL a nice, temperate 70ish, and then, BAM icepocalypse. The weather this weekend was completely insane. I managed to make it to the grocery store on Thursday evening (with the rest of the CRAZY people) before the storm made it in.  

I have been trying my hand at freezer cooking, so go figure we were completely out of food before a huge ice storm. We wanted to take the baby out to play, but like the awesome parents we are we didn't have a winter coat or shoes for the kid! (Again remember we live in TEXAS...) Yes, that is a hoodie and my hospital socks in the pictures, but we layered and layered him. 

Being stuck inside with a seven and a half month old for an entire 48 hours is a little crazy for two parents, especially when this baby is a busy, busy boy. He is a crazy fast crawler these days, and now, he can pull himself up! Eeks - more about that in our next monthly update! 

Pictures below:

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