Friday, March 6, 2015

Bo & Moose: 5 months & 22 months

Bo How Big?: Bo is over 15 pounds (16.5 on my very unofficial weigh in). He has definitely gotten longer, too, but as crazy as this last month was I did not get to measure that little squirmer.
Bo Clothing Size?: 12 months... The 9 month jammies are tight on his toesies. He has mostly been in pjs because this weather had been stupid cold. 
Bo What/When is he eating?: Bo is very different than Moose was at this age. Bo HATES a cold bottle, and in fact, if it isn't nearly too hot he won't take a bottle at all. He is on 100% breastmilk - no judgement in that statement. In fact, it may be to my on detriment that I have created a nursing monster. I love all our sweet cuddles, so don't get this wrong. I absolutely love it, but when we are up four times a night, I definitely wish he would take a bottle. He has also developed a weird habit of ... TMI preferring one side to the other? I've tried so many things, but at this point I think I don't even care if he only nurses on one side! 
Bo Sleep?: I heard this from Ryan Reynolds on Jimmy Fallon, but I swear I think my kid is allergic to sleep! This momma is struggling. Bo wakes several times all night. He is always starving and unsatisfiable. He is soaking through a million diapers and often pjs. I tried disposables for two nights but that was even worse!!! This week I'm trying an earlier bedtime to see if that will make the difference. 
Bo Milestones?: Bo had a laid back month. He's growing and "enjoying" his first snow, but no major milestones. However, we have had some progress in the Bo pooping department! He has been at least once a week (sometimes twice) every week this month on his own - EPIC POO. (Poor Grandma normally gets the worst of it.)
Bo Movement?: Bo is a strong little dude! He wants to sit up and crawl and walk and wrestle all right now, and he's pretty upset that he can't. He can roll over and does roll over at night. (Scares me sometimes!) 

Moose: 21 Months

Moose How Big?: Moose is sprouting again... He's 30 pounds and growing out of his old smaller pants now. 
Moose Clothing Size?: All size 6 diapers (working towards underoos this summer) and 3T-4T clothes. 
Moose What/When is he eating?: Somedays Moose eats everything in sight. Everything! Blueberries by the container full, cheese by the bag, pretzels, grapes, strawberries, guacamole... And then other days he will only lick ketchup off of a fork? I don't know?? The way I see it is: kid will eat when he's hungry. [You might judge us for this and even more so for the next part, but if you do, you probably don't have kids or just aren't a very understanding person...] We have got to get him off the "baba!" We tell him everyday that bottles are for babies, but he doesn't care. In fact, he's amped it up and now will tell you he needs to go "night night" just so he can get a bottle. What sort of little monsters have we created? He's almost 2, but I guess he will be done when he's ready- whatever that means. 
Moose Sleep?: Woah! Big HUGE sleep milestone this month. Someone is officially not caged in his crib. We converted his crib into a toddler bed, after he climbed out twice in one day - KERTHUNK!!! Sam was terrified because he figure if Moose knew he could get up then he would... We were blessed that the first night in a big boy bed was the first of many to come snowdays. Moose did wake up twice that night, and he fell out of bed the next one. But I ordered him a side rail for it and now, knock on wood, it's pretty much been smooth sailing.
Moose Milestones?:  Besides the new big boy bed, Moose had a couple of other milestones this month! He got his first at home haircut (not his first cut ever) by daddy! Sam shaves his head every week or two, and he let Moose watch this time. When he wasn't afraid, Sam gave it a try. He only used a 7, so as not to mess it up... But I can see many more at home haircuts in our future. 
Also, this month he has learned more more more words! He expresses full concepts, now, and understands significantly more. He decided Alan is not Grandpa as we had thought he is "PaPoo" and Grandma is "Ga." We will see if these evolve anymore or if he officially has a Ga and a Pa. :)
Moose Movement?:   Moose has faith and flying squirrel like movement! Kid will jump off just about anything and expect that someone will catch him. 

Family: February 2015
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month:  It is finally catching up to us that Bo isn't sleeping. I get up with him every night and after not sleeping a full night in several months, I, too, have become a sleepless monster. Bo has been a fussy little thing this month. Especially as I have been lots busier and away. It's been very hard on all of us. The hardest part of the month was being snowed in for days on end with a rambunctious toddler, fussy baby, exhausted mom, and temperamental dad. We need sunshine and warm weather.
Best Moment(s) of the Month: Watching Moose sled in the ice like a big kid was insanely epic! And at the same time a terrifying preview of the utter chaos that will reign when Bo can walk and move like Moose does. On the double edged sword, the best part of the month was also being snowed in all together. Lots of building fires, snuggly cuddles, movies, and pjs all day! 
Looking Forward to:  I suppose I'm required to say Spring Break, though honestly I'm a bit confused that we are getting more time off... I am looking forward to sleep, sunshine, and some stress free days off!!

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