Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bo: 7 Months Crawl Dude Crawl

How Big?: He is around 17 pounds and just over 27 inches. He will get another official weigh in at his 9 month appointment. 
Clothing Size?: He is wearing 18 month T-shirts. 12 month jammies are getting really tight on his toes. We are also falling prey to the ease of disposable diapers... Oh no! We have been doing so great with cloth, but disposables are so much easier on the go. They are smaller and able to be thrown away. We have been on the go A LOT lately. (Selling our house has made our life a little crazy!) Size 4 diapers it is for a bit! Hopefully this summer, while we are living with my mom we can keep up better with the cloth diapering.
What/When is he eating?: If you don't feed Bo, he is going to freak, freak, freak out! He loves baby food. There's really nothing he doesn't like so far. We have done all of stage one, and we are working through stage 2. I tried a dissolvable fruit dallop thing for him, but he isn't quite ready for that. 
Sleep?: Bo is doing a great job sleeping! He is sleeping through the night most nights. This momma is finally less a zombie and more a person. He goes down around 8 and wakes around 5:30. 
Movement?: CRAWLING! It's official. Bo can crawl and sit up! He is also starting to pull up on things. I cannot believe that he is already doing that. He wants to go, go, go. He hates that he can't keep up with his brother. 
Milestones?: See above ^^^ And his First Camping trip with Grandma and Grandpa, while Momma and Daddy worked Prom! He is also laughing and smiling at everything! 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: It's hard to tell Bo "no." He is just a baby and doesn't understand what you mean, but you also have to keep him safe. Now that he is mobile, the whole world is a toy for him. He is more curious about things than Moose was - so it's a different challenge. 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: It's been a great month of learning and growing. Watching him crawl around and pick up Moose's toys is awesome! We stayed at Grandma's for a week this month, while our house was shown (9 times in just the first day). It was such fun!! (That sounds sarcastic, but really we had a good time.) It was like slumber party every night. 
Looking Forward to: Summer.. I cannot wait to spend all day with my kiddos every single day! 

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