Monday, September 14, 2015

Bo & Moose: 11 Months & 2.5 Years... We need a Time Turner

Bo How Big?: Do other moms walk around with a mental scale? Do you just know how big your kid is all the time? Or do you just weigh them more than at the doctors office. Poor baby Bo, I haven't weighed him in forever. Here's the deal - he's growing. Haha, poor second kid!
Bo Clothing xSize?: Jammie's are always so small... He's wearing 2T pjs. I think I am getting him 18-2T size pants. He also is headed to 2T shirts. He's still rocking a size 4 regular diaper, and we went to size 5 night diapers. Whew!!
Bo What/When is he eating?: I love my little monster man... Kid loves to eat!!!! His favorite food is still watermelon. He shovels it in his mouth until his cheeks are chipmunking, and the juice is running down his shirt. He is still on breastmilk - what what!?! Looks like he should make it to a year! I cannot believe after all the struggle I had with Moose that Bo is going to skip formula all together. 
Bo Sleep?: Bo wakes up around 3 several nights a week, but he also sleeps through the night several nights. It's a guessing game about whether he will wake up. The other night he started shrieking at midnight. No clue why - I think he's hungry and growing. 
Bo Milestones?: Bo has had a ton of milestones. My little Snicklefritz... He took TWO STEPS IN A ROW! Woohooo!! He was caught standing on his high chair tray twice - uh oh. Bo attended his first football game. He's got more and more teeth. This kid is getting so big so fast! 
Bo Movement?: See above because we almost have a walker!!!! 

Moose: 2 1/2 years 

Moose How Big?: Moose is sprouting again... He's well over 30 pounds and growing out of his old smaller pants again!!! 
Moose Clothing Size?: All size 6 diapers (still haven't potty trained him) and 3T-4T clothes... with 5T or 6 Pjs.
Moose What/When is he eating?: Moose is such a funny kid about food. He just isn't really into eating a whole lot. He is back on his blueberry kick - thank goodness, but it seems like he would totally forgo eating, if we were to let him have ketchup and milk. (Of course, we would never do that, but still!) He will eat chicken with "special ketchup" aka BBQ sauce, lol.
Moose Sleep?: Moose sleeps through the night and hasn't napped in about a million years. He crashes out at about 5PM once a week, if we are in the car, but he always seems so tired! I wish he would do a little more quiet time, so he could get some calm moments... but no go! 
Moose Milestones?:  Chatty little Cathy... Moose loves to talk and talk and talk. He says the darndest stuff, too. He will say, "No mommy don't sit there." Then he promptly commands me to sit on the floor. How polite sir. He has created a new game of "Under," where he likes to hide under the covers - you must accompany him under - and then pop out and ROAR! 
Moose Movement?:   Moose has faith and flying squirrel like movement! Kid will jump 

Family: August 2015
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month:  Going back to work this month was hard. After a crazy, busy, wonderful summer of fun with the kids and our friends and family, it was so heel-dragging to get back into the swing of things. 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: Family moments are awesome!!! I love getting to lounge around on a Saturday in our pjs all day. There's almost nothing better. Hearing the boys laughter while they play with each other is the coolest thing. They have started to wrestle each other. It's so a part of their DNA to be such rough and tough boys. 
Looking Forward to:  I am looking forward to this next season. I have loved the summer and the heat this year, but as the air starts to cool off, I know I am so excited for Bo's first birthday and Halloweend and Thanksgiving and aLLL the super fun things on the agenda! 

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