Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bo: 13 Months - Hello November

Is it odd that time is a constant, but it always seems to move at a different speed? This last month (or really several months) have felt like hyper-drive. Bo is already 13 months old (okay nearly 14 months) and has officially been my second toddler for well over a month, now. I feel like he was just my little newborn baby.

Bo has quite the personality. He has startled to growl when he carries his toy dinosaurs around. He also has a flare of a little temper, and when he doesn't get his way, he resorts to BITING. I call him my little monster: growling, biting, getting into all sorts of things. I probably call him this too much since the other morning Bo bit Moose, Moose ran to Sam and said, "that monster boy bited me." Whoops. Go Mom! From the mouths of babes, right? 

Bo keeps growing, but he still only has his six teeth. I find myself wondering when the others will appear, and if he will be a terror of a toddler when they do. He is still rear facing in the car, though cramped at times everything says to keep them facing back... And it makes you feel like the absolute worst if you turn them before two. My poor parents were hauled around without seat belts on bench seating in the 60s - I get it, I get it. Be safe because we know better now, but sometimes I just laugh at how incredibly different the world continues to become. Infant seats. Convertible seats. Regular car seats. Booster seats. It's kind of insane how many different steps there are these days, but we do them all because we love our kids and want the best for them. Ahhhhh

Little Bo has graduated to size 5 diapers and can wear an amazing array of sizes dependent on the brand. 24 months - 3T is what fits. Pants smaller and tops bigger. He is still taking a night time and nap time bottle full of whole milk. He loves to eat anything Moose has and more. He loves fruit, but he randomly chooses which item he is going to throw on the floor each day. You never know if he's in an apple mood or a grape mood.

Trick or Treating with the boys was so awesome this year!!! Moose was totally into it, and little brother, Bo, of course wants to be just like bubba. At the very last house, he took him pumpkin and ran to the door to collect candy just like Moose. I cannot even imagine the chaos these two will be next year! 

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