Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Life: The Holiday Season

The Christmas Countdown is ON! The Riley family is so excited about this upcoming Christmas. Moose has grown so much since last year, and I cannot wait for him to enjoy opening presents. He truly understands that there is something inside the package this time around!!! 

Last year at this time our sweet little Moose was obsessed with "ights" as he called Christmas Lights, but the finicky little dude that he is doesn't seem that interested this year. Over the last several months, Moose has developed an incredible love for reading. He greatly enjoys when his Ga takes him to the library, though we can't say he is always a successful participant in story time. He is constantly asking daddy to, "read this book!" We seem to have a book of the week each week that he prefers over everything, and by the end everyone has all the words memorized... just ask Ga or Daddy what the Ninja Turtles do and by route they will respond, "Turtles skate into action." 

Moose Riley is quite a Ham... He LOVES bounce houses!!! (I'm thinking that's probably what his 3rd birthday is going to require.) He goes and goes and goes and goes in a bounce house every chance he gets - then of course he crashes out like nobodies business. See the picture of him sleeping through FIREWORKS that were 20 feet away from us. No joke. 

 All of these pictures were from the Hometown Holidays tree lighting in Mansfield. 

Bo Riley, on the other hand, is a WHOLE OTHER PERSON. Well clearly, he is literally a different person than his brother, but it's like when you have a kid you decide oh okay this is how kids are. And despite the fact that you've learned so much and are so much less judgmental of parents than you were when you were kidless, you still judge parents because you have such a good kid at _______ (fill in the blank as appropriate) and you think all parents should do what you do for that because your kid is such a rockstar.... BUT THEN, you have another kid, and you have to eat allllll that crow because whomp, whomp - it's got much less to do with you than you realized. Same parents, same general rules, and this other kid is a totally different animal. 

Bo loves to walk around and socialize. He is my wild man. I am not sure that he knows danger, and while he does know what "no" means - he basically doesn't care. He has this little maniac laugh that he does when you get onto him. Sometimes it's enough to really wear you out, but sometimes I have to cover my face so I don't laugh. 

He has decided he is big, and he won't sit in his high chair. We have reached the back-arching phase when it comes to getting in the carseat. He doesn't seem to get cold, and he loves to eat. He eats and eats and eats. 

These kids are turning out to be so much fun! Moose likes to take selfies, while Bo tries to eat my phone more often than not. 

Moose has fallen in love with two new things this fall: Paw Patrol & Ninja Turtles (he calls them "minja tortles" - I LOVE IT!). 

While Bo mostly loves playing ball and being outside... but heck they both love to be outside. (I think Santa might have gotten the memo on that too!!!) Did I mention we are so excited for Christmas?!?! We are beyond blessed to have so much and so many people that love us. Next week will be Christmas week :) We will be running our munchkins to and fro for several Christmases, and we hope that you and yours have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! 

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