Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back to Real Life

It's crazy! You spend days, weeks, months planning this one day...and then as quickly as it came, it's already over. I am married. How insane is that?

It turned out to be a beautiful day, and I genuinely think my guests had a good time which was my main goal. Sam and I talked that night about what we loved best about our big day. We agreed that we loved our ceremony. Cheesy, but true. I thought that was the part I would care the least about, but nope I loved every second of staring into his eyes knowing this changes everything. Ok, everything and nothing. Getting married does really change it all, but nothing actually changes, haha. Sheesh!

My wedding day was spent with some of my best friends, great family, and my groom! There were a few moments of crisis... Almost loosing my something old (a pendant that belonged to my grandfather), realizing my dress was torn, my bustle breaking, but all in all I don't think anyone but us knew about all those things! The food was good. The alcohol was awesome... Jello shots were a big hit. I got lots of compliments on the little details, too!

Leaving the reception was strange, and I had birdseed stuck all over! But as soon as we pulled out Sam realized he had left his phone, so we pulled around back and he went back in. What a funny thing to watch, lol! The Ashton was gorgeous and perfect for our first married night.

We were very grateful for the two days in between the wedding and the honeymoon! It gave us a chance to breathe a little, and well it got a little crazy with my whole job situating (that is a whole other story for a different time), but we got packed and rested and then we left.

Our honeymoon was incredible!!!!! Playa Mujeres was gorgeous. I'm glad we decided to go big because it's something I know we will probably never be able to do again. The all inclusive was freakin sweet. I had not drank since 2011, so it was fun to cut loose and enjoy myself. We played on the ocean, swam in the pools, and enjoyed a show every night. Also, I got to read a book every day!!! I read through almost all of the Sookie Stackhouse books.

What an enjoyable week!!!!!

We came home to our first test of marriage because our air conditioner was broken. Our house was 90 degrees when we got home. That night was miserable. We were both so cranky. My mom has also been gone and so we had her dogs this week. Basically in summary, my life has been chaos for three weeks. My mom got home late last night. Her dogs are at her house. Our AC is mostly working, so finally I say we are back to "real life". I better knock on some wood because I know as soon as I think it is all smooth sailing... Curve ball.

Here are some pictures of my dress, the wedding, and the honeymoon!!

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