Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pregnancy: Third Trimester Must Haves

Third Trimester Must Haves

Each trimester is unique.  Being a first timer, I have learned along the way why each of these phases are broken up into the section that they are.  Just weeks away from my first bouncing baby boy, I am worn out and enjoying a multitude of third trimester pregnancy symptoms.  One of these delightful symptoms is my lack of sleeping through the night.  In the middle of my sleeplessness, I decided I just MUST blog about my Third Trimester Must Haves! These are the 6 items that I am not sure I would be making it without in my life right now....

1. Tums Smoothies - The heartburn is awful!! These take the edge off.  I like the smoothie version best because they go down much smoother than the other types. 

2. Nature Valley Protein Bars + Kellog's Nutri-Grain Bars - I am a snack addict!  I cannot even explain how bad life is if I get hungry.  I might as well be hulking out. These are my favorites because they are easy to grab.
3. Tervis Cup - I love my Tervis cups! I take my cup with me everywhere.  I drink water like it's going out of style.

4. Bath & Body Works Body Scrub + Vitamin E Oil - I use these two things everyday & so far I don't have any stretch marks on my belly.  My chest has some, but I haven't been exfoliating there since the beginning. I think the combo of water, exfoliating, and vitamin E has kept me from being super itchy too.

5. Cami with Built in Bra - OMG! There are days when underwire is just not an option... Motherhood Maternity has a kind of these that has bra cups in them, so you don't have to worry about everything being out there.  I wear my black cami almost everyday under everything.  It helps to add a little length, and it is tight enough to give me a little support.  It's not too tight that it hurts to wear, though. 

6. Makeup Cleansing Wipes - These are the Target brand makeup wipes.  For some reason washing my face every night seems like so much effort.  Maybe it is because I am still working some 11 hour days, but even if you aren't I think these are so much easier.  Turning on the water just seems hard! 

I have somewhere around 7 more weeks left... so it's possible that I could find some other gems to make my life a little easier right now.  :)

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