Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pregnancy: Maternity Pictures

About 6 weeks ago, the morning after my first baby shower we had our maternity pictures taken.  The Texas weather had one of it's many bipolar days, and after many beautiful March days the temperature had plummeted.  It was freezing. Literally.  I don't typically do well with the cold, but we sucked it up and I think the pictures turned out great!

We used a new photographer for the first time because we had the recommendation from some friends of ours.  (Incidentally, the reason we took our maternity pictures at 32 weeks is because the same couple had their baby 6 weeks early last year... only days after having their maternity pictures taken at 34 weeks!)

I definitely recommend the photographer Maegan, and we look forward to her shooting Moose when he arrives.  You can check out her FB page here.

Without further ado... I present Moose in the Belly.

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