Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Life: Life lately

Two words: Football Season

I cannot even explain how hectic this time of year is!! I feel like I am juggling too many hats all at once (or as Sam says 'pissing on too many fires').  I am in between my mommy, wifey, teacher, and coaching duties on a daily basis. This doesn't even factor in my dog owner, friend, daughter, and so on responsibilities.  It's really tough to leave stay at work for practice and games, when I know my little man is growing and changing so much each and every day. 

I am learning to balance everything, and giving up pumping has been a huge step in that (but more on that later). 

I am still working to become a better teacher, but that is a challenge too. Hopefully, I can hang tough through this year, and I will be even better next year. I love teaching, but I wish I felt more prepared. Maybe all second year teachers feel this way? Who knows...

In other parts of life, everything is AWESOME!!! I am loving being a mom. My Moose makes me smile every day. 
He is the light of my life! And he and his daddy make the world so amazing. 

Here are some of the fun changes we have been seeing in this little guy lately! 

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