Friday, February 28, 2014

Moose Posts: 10 Months

How Big?: Giant baby man looks more like a little boy everyday to me! I cannot believe how much he changes on a daily basis. He is over 20 pounds and growing growing. 
Clothing Size?: Moose wears very few 12 month clothes anymore... They seem to be shrinking on him. The stuff that really fits well is 18 months, but some of the pants are still baggy on him. It is sort of a weird clothing size. He is just about out size 3 diapers, and we are already using the size 4 overnights.  He is a nighttime wiz-captain! 
What/When is he eating?: My boy loves to eat food, lots of food. Please feed me food! I will scream, if I don't get some of your food! He likes bread and crackers, and other times he is in a fruit mood and devours strawberries and grapes. 
Sleep?: He is kind of a weird sleeper... He hates to nap at grandma's, but sometimes he loves to take a nap at home. He always falls asleep in the car, except when you expect him to. He sleeps through the night sometimes and wakes up a million times others. I guess I just don't really know with this guy.  
Movement?: He stands up on his own. He will be walking in no time! 
Milestones?: Saying DADA! What a proud poppa bear moment. He says BABA, too. We are silly, happy parents when this guy talks, but that is what it is all about. He stands on his own, whoop! He is, also now, climbing on things... What the heck? First bath in the big boy bath tub! 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: As Mooser gets bigger, I find that new things are tough. He has developed his own unique personality. I love that he is his own person, but sometimes realizing that he has preferences is a bit tough on a momma. Moose doesn't prefer Mommy all the time. He likes the rough-housing Daddy, his crazy-fun Grandma, and the super calm lady across the street from my mom's more than me sometimes. It's really tough stuff, but I just have to remember that sometimes he will want me most, too! 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: I am loving just playing with this crazy dude! We all have such a blast watching him crawl all over the grass. (He loves to be outside!) 
Looking Forward to: We cannot wait for warm weather! We will be so happy, when we can take walks, go to the park, and all sorts of outdoor fun! I can't believe Spring Break is next week? Where has time gone? 

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