Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Life: Knees & Shows

Today, Sam underwent surgery for his torn meniscus. It was actually a pretty fun day. Yep, you read that right. Since the arrival of our two delightful, bundles of joy, Sam and I have had few days of just us. After Moose, there were some, and there have been a just a handful of evenings in the last year sans kids... I cannot think of a whole actual day spent together without our kiddos, since Bo was born. Today was that.

Days like today are reminders of why I am still so in love with the father of my children (a man who can drive me up a wall at times). Days like today are necessary. 

We arrived at the surgery center in Dallas at 7AM. Count the one hour in the car. We waited in the waiting room for about 40 minutes. Then, they let me come back to sit with Sam before the procedure around 8. We waited for the doctors until around 10. Then, Sam was done, and I was allowed back around 12. Another hour on the way home - and count it up = at least 5 hours of one on one time with the spouse. Woah!!!

And seriously in this situation there's nothing to do but talk and joke and smile and laugh and flirt with each other. Praise the Lord for that, which brings me to a whole other thought-bunny for this post. The Bible is an incredible conversation started. People are unafraid to approach a person wielding Bible. 

Sam and I read several passages from the Bible today and were just talking some of them over. One nurse comes across and asks can you find a scripture for me? So that's totally moving: Isaiah 45:2 is what he asked about. He said, "the one about a crooked path." Found and shared. 

Next up, the doctor before Sam's surgery asks can I pray with you before we go back. The knee surgeon, Dr. Rey, prays this beautiful prayer in his wonderful accent, and I truly feel at ease about the whole thing.

In recovery, our completely different nurse asks, "what were you guys reading in the bible earlier?" 

I love the power of God. I love that just the presence of his word is enough to inspire connection. I am thankful that God is doing work in my life to create in me a boldness for him. What's funny is that after you really have stepped out into these places that other people see as brazen, you realize: it's not so huge. I mean I brought a book with me... Okay it's 100% different than that, but still, I didn't do anything that was daring. I read the Bible with my husband, and yet, in our world that truly is a bold move, now. 

Okay, but back to Sam - they say his knee ought to feel much better by the end of the week. He is doing much much better than I expected. He's kind of ridiculous about pain, though. I don't know, if he feels it like normal people. 

He was back in surgery and recovery without me for about 2.5 hours... Do you know what that means? I got to watch TV! Woah! Another one of those things that almost never happens, and yet there I was, back to back watching two Scandals in a row. What, what? I'm caught up on my Thursday night shows, now. (I'm like a real person or something?)

I am grateful that I don't make the plans in this world because God's timing is always infinitely better than mine ever would be. Today was just what I needed. It was what Sam needed in more than one way. 

He's always terrified that he's going to wake from underneath anesthesia like some ogre and say horrible things... Instead he kept saying, "I love you," " I'm glad you're here," "I like your butt," "which knee? The right knee? The left knee? Or the wee-knee?"... And he told me, "they put that tube down my throat." All these things on repeat over and over. 

When we got in the car, he told me that last one again, and I just giggled. He asked why. Priceless telling a man he's already said that to you 7 times, and he has zero recollection. Even when he could be, he's not an ogre. He's a good husband. Man, even when there's a ton of junk around you, it's awesome, if you can just find your way to the blessings. 

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