Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Moose: Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

I cannot believe that my baby boy is already 3 years old. People said that time would fly, and I believed them, but it's really crazy to live it.

Moose's three year old favorites.
He is wearing 4T and 5T clothes and weighs around 36 pounds. I couldn't tell you how tall he is, but he's been growing like a little weed. He goes to the doctor for his 3 year visit later this week.
Moose has such a happy heart, though we have hit the three's with a running start. Mr. Irrational man occasionally strikes. There are days that no matter what you do, it's not the right thing according to him.
He's not the best eater in the world, but recently Ga added bread (what he calls a peanut butter sandwich with no peanut butter) to his diet. Progress is progress!! He loves spaghetti and french fries, but he's got his momma's sweet tooth and would prefer to have cupcakes or ice cream instead of food.
We cannot wait to spend the summer with both our big buggy boys!! Moose is already loving having a swimming pool (and yes, he and Daddy have already been in the pool). Three is going to be the best year yet.

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