Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Life: Hopping into April

What a fantastic year this is turning out to be! I feel like we have been busier than ever before, but in a way that is good and JOYFUL not too hectic. Yes, at times it can get a little overwhelming but more often than not we are really enjoying adding to our community of friends and branching out to do activities that are not confined to the interior of our living room.

Weekend before last was Easter weekend, and man oh man was it good. We went to a big family reunion in Olney, and Sam thought all the "One Armed Dove Hunt" signs around town were just the coolest! The kids ran like little wild banshees, so they were spent when we got home but they had a blast. Bo slept through the actual egg hunt and woke up for everyone going through their baskets. We had to sneak some candy from Moose's basket for him to "hunt" in the grass with - haha. Thank goodness they are are small dudes.

Easter Sunday at church was phenomenal; I was totally jazzed by my sermon notes (I brought tape and an accent color). And we spent the afternoon with family at my moms. Just an overall fabulous weekend.

Then, this past weekend we got to visit with the other Riley crew! It was awesome! Sam's brother and wife and kiddos came to up to see us. Watching the cousins play together was the highlight of the weekend for me. We ate great home-cooked food (by me, haha - it's fair to brag when it turned out so well) and everyone got their favorites from in town that they have missed. Sunday, Sam's brother was able to join us for church. Such a great thing for Sam! He's really made such huge strides in connecting with our church community that I think he was very excited to share that side of himself with his brother.

This week we have LC Life Groups and visits with new friends and what might even turn out to be a quiet, relaxing weekend... Haha, with two toddlers I am not counting on that, though!

God is such a great priority to have in life. I love the obsessions he keeps giving me with things. I have been pretty caught up with Galatians and the fruits of the spirit. I keep coming back to them and praying that I can manage to have these incredible things as a part of my everyday life. I didn't realize how transformative that one request could be. I have really been flexing my self-control (pun intended) with my workout regiment for myself because somedays that alarm rings early, but I have been trying to stretch into being more kind and gentle, too. Seriously, it's been a great year already and there are still 3/4's left to go. :)

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