Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moose: 4 Months

How Big?: Baby Moose is just growing and growing!! At his doctor's appointment today he weighed in at 16 pounds and 26 inches.  He is in the 62nd percentile for height, 77th percentile for weight & 87th percentile for head circumference... Call him big dome, lol! I can't believe how big he gets every day.   
Clothing Size?: Well... He is such a big boy that he wears mostly 9 month clothes.  Some things he can pull of a 6 month, and others he is in a 12 month.  He is still wearing the size 2 Huggies Little Snugglers, but I don't think that we are too terribly far off of size 3's!  
What/When is he eating?: OMG... Proud momma moment. 4 months and he is still exclusively getting breast milk. It is sort of awesome! And it is the most challenging thing I think I have ever done.  Pumping is quite a commitment. I have over 2,000 ounces in the deep freezer for him.  I would like to keep pumping until the 6 month mark... that way I know we make it there.  Not sure if we will, but I am being kind to myself these days.  I will do what I can and that will be perfect. 
Sleep?: He sleeps in his own crib, and he sleeps through the night. He is not the best napper.  He likes to see everything.  He hates to think that he might miss something.  He sleeps great at night most of the time. 8:30 to about 6ish.
Movement?: He can roll over. What? There is absolutely no putting him down in anything and not strapping him in! He can almost do a little army crawl thing... not quite yet, but almost. 
Milestones?: First time sleeping on his belly. (Not how we put him down!!) First time in the big boy stroller (and for a good walk with dad!) Now, we take the jogging stroller everywhere because he loves to see out.  First time trying a medium flow bottle ... not a fan yet.  Bouncing in his jumping saucer!
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: Getting back to work has been a real challenge for us.  I started back to cheer and this past week both of us started back to school for training.  We are now officially back to school.  It's a little bit tough to not hang out with him all day.  We are truly blessed to have Grandma daycare.  Sam's knee has been a real struggle... It is FINALLY getting better, which brings us to...
Best Moment(s) of the Month: Sam's knee is getting better with a new experimental cream.  It makes him break out like crazy all over his knee, but it's helping a ton.  This month we have also gotten to enjoy a family reunion, cheer camp, running, getting into a little bit of a routine.  It's been a crazy summer, but we loved getting to have all the time!
Looking Forward to: ROUTINE. My husband craves a routine, and now, with school starting, we will finally have one again. I am looking forward to football games and seeing my girls cheer each week again.  I also can't wait to get in the swing of things!

Here are some pics from the last month:

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