Monday, August 12, 2013

Pinterest: Classroom Chair, Glitter and Leopards and Zebras, Oh My!

I have been wanting a teacher chair for my classroom for sometime now, but I have a very small room and all those awesome rockers or giant comfty chairs just won't work.  After many trips this summer to our local Salvation Army store for potential projects, I found this piece for just under $20! I didn't get a picture before my hubby started sanding, but this is pretty much right after we got the chair home. 

If you look on the tailgate of the truck, you will see there is a sander, a glass of water, and in the corner the baby monitor! Haha... The only way we ever get anything done is during nap times.  We had some left over blue spray paint from other projects, so my hubby sprayed the top of the chair.  We also had a can of primer, so I tackled painting the legs primer white. 

It's Texas, and it's hot!!! So, alas the chair came inside for the next part of the project.  Initially, I wasn't certain what I would do on all the legs, but finally I decided to zebra stripe two of the legs.  There was talk of possible polka dots or even chevron on the other two... but I ended up deciding to stick with a theme.  The blue took about three coats.. whew.  That part took forever!


I had to have some leopard on my chair.  Since the seat was flat it was the perfect choice.  I free-handed my leopard spots after watching a tutorial on YouTube and practicing on some sticky notes.  I stenciled them on with pencil, and then went back and colored over them with a paint pen.  

I painted a striped of silver glitter on the edge and hubby clear coated her... Voila! A crazy, beautiful, blue classroom chair.  Believe me it's not perfect, so don't look too close.  It will definitely suffice for my purpose. Happy crafting!

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