Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Life: Crazy Busy End of Summer Happenings

If you keep up with the blog, you'll remember that on Monday of the week before Sam was supposed to have surgery on his nose.  Key words: supposed to.  

Keeping in trend with the craziness that my husband brings to all things medical, he hurt his knee about a week before the surgery was scheduled.  He couldn't take any anti-inflammatory medications because of their concerns about blood loss... So over the course of the week his knee just kept hurting and hurting, but we pushed through and we went into have his nose fixed inside and out as well as his tonsils removed.  

Cue Monday morning pictures:

I  thought these were the last pictures of his crooked nose I would be taking... WRONG.  Not ten minutes after being checked in the admission nurse was back to us telling us that the surgery was being rescheduled.  After planning for over a week (buying pudding, arranging for baby care, washing sheets, setting up the spare room for myself to sleep in...), they were just rescheduling us!  The doctor came in and said his apologies.  There had been a scheduling error, and they didn't have the correct staff to do the procedure.  Arg! 

He told us they would try to get us in Wednesday afternoon.  Now, Sam with a painful knee and a sour disposition had to decide what to do. His in home nurse (aka ME) was starting work Thursday, and he was supposed to have someone with him for the first 48 hours.  We knew we could get other help, but things just weren't working out.  We are BIG believers in God's plans, and with the pain in his knee we knew that it was just time to cancel the whole crazy mess.  The nose ordeal made me feel like this:

Surgery cancelled. Cue Sam taking a mess ton of ibuprofen.  The knee continued to get worse and worse by Wednesday morning we knew it was time to head to the doctor's office yet again. This time to get Sam's knee looked at.  Here is Sambo in pain at the knee docs.


After an X-ray, a cortisone shot, and a pair of crutches, we were sent home with instructions to rest the knee, ice the knee and see if it felt any better in 24 hours. It didn't, so Sam went and had an MRI Friday while I was at cheerleading practice.  Then, we waited.... And enjoyed some very low key time with the most handsome of Mooses.

Poor Sam was in so much pain over the weekend that he missed out on the family reunion, but Moose and I went! Little Moose was the hit of the party, and everyone was so overjoyed to meet him.  He and I go to splish splash in the pool.  And of course they are the only pictures I remembered to ask anyone to take.  He is one cool looking little dude! Everyone was surprised he wore his sunglasses.  I just told them, he loves to be outside and hates to squint... guess it works out.

Little man is finally learning to play with toys, and he has fallen in love with a Moose named Mortimer.  Mortimer has big ears to chew on, noise making hooves, and rings for a tail that make him easy to hold onto. We love this fun colored moose toy!!!

Our crazy sports loving family, enjoyed some dinner with my folks on Sunday.  We laughed at how we were all decked out in our random sports gear.  Sam in his Raider shirt. Me in my Cowboys jersey. Moose rooting for the Dodgers on the road win record.  It's really amazing that I wear anything other than school clothes or sports clothes. 

Now that I am officially back to work, it's go time.  My cheerleaders had camp this week.  We didn't go away this year because sweet baby Moose is still so little, but they learned a lot and worked their butts off! It's going to be an awesome year with them.  I can't wait to compete with this group and to see them on the field for games.  Check out all my cool coaching swag:

We went back to the doctor's for Sam's MRI results yesterday morning.  Turns out Sam has a fluid adema built up in the knee where a piece of connective tissue tore? I am not super medical savvy, but they gave him some cream to help with the swelling and fluid.  If it doesn't go down in 6-8 weeks, they will put a needle in a drain the fluid. Ew. Worst case they go in and drain in and cut out the torn piece of tissue that is aggravating the whole knee.  Seems fun?! or not. 

Just glad to have an answer for my busted up hubby! 

We are on a few days break from cheer, so I'm trying to soak up as much end of summer leisure/family time as possible.  My workouts have been a little nonexistent lately, but all the extra baby cuddles are worth it.  I am still continuing to loose some pounds, so I am content. Once we have a routine down, I will definitely be back at it!  

Lots of Love,
The Rileys

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