Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bo: 10 and 11 weeks, Hello double digits

Edit: In all my blogging, I can say I don't know that I've ever done this before. I used Bo's 9 week picture as his 10 week picture and didn't even realize it!! Is it because I missed a week? Or did I get confused somewhere along the way?? Oh geez, this is what they mean about the poor second kid isn't it... Well that happened, whoops!?!
How Big?: I think Bo has paused a bit on major weight gain. Well maybe that or he's getting taller and not fatter at the time being. (Which I think is the more likely case) 
Clothing Size?: 6 months for the most part, and I think he can wear size 2 in the thirsties diaper covers at this point. We only have one of that brand, but they're size one and getting snug for baby man. 
What/When is he eating?: Bo eats about 12-15 ounces while we are at school, and so far I am pumping about the same! It's very different boy exclusively pumping, but it's also a thousand times better!!! I am proud to say, Bo is still 100% breastmilk. Of course that is no judgement to formula Mommas because this stuff is hard! I am excited about having this break to nurse Bo a bit longer before we really commit to all bottles all week. (Since I sort of expect at some point he will give up nursing and just want the bottle.) 
Sleep?: We have some really good nights and some really tough ones. He is pretty good at sleeping a 6 hour stretch. Occasionally, he will sleep even longer. (Victory for momma!) The hardest part is when he won't go back to sleep, and we are up partying at 3 in the morning. 
Movement?: He is getting pretty close to holding his head up. He has also started to wiggle a bit in his crib. You lay him straight, but he wakes up crooked. He is also trying to roll over. He rolled onto his side the other day with no warning.
Milestones?: First time to visit Santa... First time being on the news, thanks to the before mentioned Santa visit. (It was far less Bo and much more Moose that got them that little memorable moment.) He's smiling and laughing and definitely recognizing us!Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: Going back to work was so hard!! It was hard in all these little ways: missing the boys, being sleepy, trying to figure out how to teach my kids, dealing with parents, missing the boys, pumping, not nursing, and so on. I am really glad I went back when I did, even though it was tough. I know it wouldn't have been any easier on me, if I hadn't returned before the break.Best Moment(s) of the Week: We really enjoyed figuring out the routine of things, but hands down the best moment of the last two weeks (warning: gross parent talk) is the fact that Bo has only pooped for my mom. Ok so... it's also been hard because we are genuinely concerned about his long "no poop" stretches, but it's been a bit comical because my mom has had to handle his last three poop explosions!!!Looking Forward to: It's officially Christmas break around here, and we are thrilled to have two weeks to hang out family style. This first week is all about Christmas!!! Then, we have a week to recover - haha, but really, we are blessed beyond measure. This time of year is full of incredible joy, and we are so happy to have our two boys to celebrate with!

If I don't get to blog before the holiday, Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!!

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