Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Life: Christmas Riley Style 2014

What an incredible holiday this has been! We have been to multiple Christmas celebration with family throughout this last week, and tonight was our last Christmas this year. It was so much fun and so different than last year. Moose really understood opening gifts this year, and his excitement was so genuine that is was heart-melting.  Our children (and ourselves) were extremely blessed (aka spoiled) this year.

Santa brought Moose a Harley tricycle. His feet don't reach the pedals, yet, but I assure you this fact doesn't phase him one bit! He already has been scooting around the house on his trike, vroom-vrooming.  He seems to really like the handlebars on it.

 Santa brought Bo a clock toy, but since, he is less than three months old he wasn't impressed. Unless it's warm milk, there's not much he is impressed by. He will get to enjoy this season next year.

Sam and I were blessed by incredible gifts - too many to name. The highlights: a Dodgers jersey, baseball tickets, office supplies (you know I'm fired up), leggings, and much more!

Random Story:
We were blessed to have a calm in our day on Christmas Eve during nap time, and Sam flipped on a movie. Of course there were about a thousand Christmas movies on tv, but he skipped those and turned on "God's Not Dead" on On Demand. I don't know if you all have seen it, but it's a little bit heavy to be watching during nap time on Christmas Eve before our annual pajamas & pancakes Christmas at my moms. It was the first time we've seen it. So literally I'm in tears crying on the sofa, as the boys are waking up just at the end of the movie (perfect timing - literally our own Christmas miracle)! Anyways, moral of my story, God definitely sent Sam and I a reminder (a giant billboard reminder) in the middle of the chaos of umpteen celebrations that there is a reason for this season. It made me feel that fire that only God can fuel (the one that makes me want to be bold and unburdened in his name). Awesome stuff - had to share because when God reveals himself in the details it's just the best, right?!? 

Anywho... Here are a couple more pictures from our Christmas... (I only had my camera on Christmas Eve, so I missed several of our celebrations. Sorry folks!)

And my favorite video of Moose first seeing what Santa brought him...

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