Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bo: 8 & 9 Weeks

Aren't these just the saddest little pictures in the world? I think Bo decided to boycott getting his weekly picture taken, and I just didn't know it! 

How Big?:
We went to the doctor for Bo's two month visit, and he has gained height and weight. He is 12 pounds 8 ounces and 24 inches tall. He is still in the 90th percentile for height, but he is now at 60th percentile for weight... Never fear though, we had some serious feeding last night, so I think he's growing again. 
Clothing Size?: Bo is a taller kid than Moose was at this point. I did have to get him 3 months in an outfit this week because the brand runs so big. It's what I've always said about kids clothes: the sizes can be so different from brand to brand. Clothes can be such a pain, and I don't even have girls lol!!!
What/When is he eating?: Bo is still getting breastmilk exclusively. I thought managing milk was tough the first time around, but the second time is crazier because you have another kid running around, too. It's our goal to make it to a year this time, but I'm proud to have made it two months. Sometimes as a mom, I think I get to caught up in future stuff. It's nice to stop and celebrate the small achievements, too. Last time, I was crying and frustrated with breastfeeding all the time, and now, I feel like I've got the hang of it. Please say a prayer for us as I go back to work next week. Bo hasn't been taking the bottle well, and I am going to be pumping significantly more than I have been. He has only taken the bottle really well one time, but I'm hoping it will become a trend. 
Sleep?: Bo is doing a great job going a six hour stretch at night most nights! Sometimes getting him to bed is rough, but if you can get him down, he's typically pretty good.
Milestones?: Well, I got the second baby monitor for Black Friday because it was on sale. And yes I know that I could've just bought a second camera, but instead, we got a second monitor so that each of us can have one kid at night or we have the option but both kids on one monitor and someone can take both of them at night. As a result of this awesome purchase, we moved Bo to his own room. I have been really surprised (knock on wood) that he's done really well sleeping in his own room. These last two nights have been the toughest ones we've had, and I have a feeling he's ina growth  spurt. Other milestones include first holiday: Thanksgiving!
Movement?: Bo loves to stand up and take kick his feet. He is a very active dude and tries to lift his head up already. I think that in the next month he will be rolling over with ease.
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: These last two weeks tough moments have had much more to do with mommy and then they have with Bo or with Moose.The boys are awesome, but I'm a typical mom and I've been stressed about Christmas going back to work my way to the house etc. etc. honestly the most challenging things that we've experienced have been in the last two nights with Bo. He has decided that he doesn't want to sleep when I want him to sleep. I think we might have to experiment with putting him down just a little bit earlier. Oh the joys of teaching babies to sleep.
Best Moment(s) of the Week: We had a really good time last week for the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a blast at the turkey trot! Since then my mom and I have gotten a lot of shopping done, and I am so excited for my boys to have Christmas this year! Just shopping and imagining what Christmas morning is going to be like this year and the next and for years to come is seriously, hands-down the best part of having kids. I can't wait for the cries of, "Santa came!!" 
Looking Forward to: Well there's a lot going on so look forward to: seeing Santa, seeing Christmas lights, Christmas break, Christmas morning, Christmas everything… and full disclosure, I'm having really mixed feelings but I am also really looking forward to going back to school. I know it will be super hard to leave Bo and Moose. I know they're in very capable hands with my mom, but it's stilheartbreaking to think that I don't get to hang out and watch them play and watch them smile every single day!!! I am looking forward to getting back to routine getting back a little bit of that independence that comes with having a job. (Having a paycheck won't be bad either!) AnyWho, that's a long thing for what we're looking forward to you, but it's such an incredible time of the year!!!

Thank you for reading and keeping up with my blog! I always wonder as I am typing out all these little details about my kids (and thoughtfully trying to document for them and me) if anyone really cares. Not like that because I know that people care, but I look at my number of hits on a post, and I wonder who is reading? Who is keeping up with us? I love to share our world with others in the hopes that you will keep us in your prayers, in hopes that if there is anything we can do for you, you'll feel like you can let us know, in hopes that my journey will help someone else learning to be a mom. I love and appreciate all your support more than you know. I love to hear the words, "oh yeah, I read that on your blog!" 

PS Just for fun: It was a great, great night. (You non-parents might not understand the magnitude of this statement.) Tonight, I showered (alone), brushed my teeth, and washed my face! Isn't it glorious to be clean?!? Be grateful for what you have my friends. :) 


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