Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Countdowns and

We are in the final stretch now... Counting down until the end of the school year is days away!! I cannot wait to turn in my End of Year Checklist!! I am moving classrooms, which is both great and a little bit chaotic. I have actually moved all my stuff, but we are not really allowed to have our rooms ready until the Fall. We are allowed to paint our rooms next year, so I am contemplating doing that. It will just be nice to finally be on the same hall with people that teach what I teach!

We are also in the countdown for the Wedding! It seems unreal that it is so close. I never really understood why people said planning a wedding is stressful. I get it. Oh geez do I get it. There hasn't been any drama or anything like that. I just never thought it would come down to the little details. The choices you have to make are stupid. No one actually cares what kind of candles there are, but you still have to pick them. Sam has been Uh-mazing through the whole process. He has been patient and willing to make decisions. I don't know where I would be without him... obviously not getting married, haha!! This weekend we are having our wedding showers! I am so so excited.

Sam and I made a really cool challenge for ourselves. When we got to 40 days on the Wedding countdown, we decided to do a Bible Verse Challenge. Our pastor was talking about how young people aren't as familiar with the actual text of the bible as the older folks in the church are. This really got me thinking about how to make a commitment to commit verses to memory. This idea of the 40 day challenge was born. We found 40 different verses about love, marriage, and God's commitment to us. I got the King James Version of the verse and put all 40 on a spreadsheet. Each night we sit down and study the chapter that the verse comes from for context. So far we are two verses in.. I have the first day's verse memorized and am working on yesterdays. We will see how many of these great verses we can put in our hearts!!

Day 1: 1 John 4:7
Day 2: 2 Timothy 1:7

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